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Our mission is to expose as many people to Ehret’s teachings as possible, and empower those who aspire to achieve the highest levels of health. Thank you all for your love and support!

Peace, Love, and Breath


-Prof. Spira (March 2012)


51 Responses to Contact/Disclaimer

  1. peter says:

    Hi—I found your website as I was searching for the Professor Arnold Ehret product I used to use years ago when regularly fasting. For years I followed Ehret techniques in fasting and diet and I’m returning to that practice. BUT I cannot find the fiber product. As I recall, it was a small white plastic bottle of fiber and herbs, seeds, etc. that was taken by the spoonful at night before beginning fast.
    Is this product still available???
    ANy leads much appreciated!!!

  2. Rached Hayek says:

    Hey Spira I was on the page about Brother Airs fasts and watches the vid with him and his baby! I tried to download his tracks but only track 4 worked and the others went to a login page.

    • Spira says:

      Greetings Rached! Thank you for letting me know. I think that I will need to update those links. I’ll let you know when I do. Peace, Love, and Breath!

  3. Maria Dalagiorgou says:

    I live in Greece and I ‘d like to ask if you could suggest any fasting center in europe which I may consult.

  4. Eric Falkowski says:

    Please provide us with information on workshops in Los Angeles, or Orange county in California, please include the Tel. number and address of your offices in these areas. We have people who are very interested in your Mucusless diet program and life style. or call 310-394-7788

    • Spira says:

      We currently live and do most of our public workshops in the Midwest. However we hope to make it out to LA soon, as we know that Ehret’s legacy is still greatly respected out there. I will let you know when we plan to visit. In the meantime, those interested in joining our growing community should join our Facebook Group ( and join in our efforts to organize more Mucus-free workshops across the country. Peace, Love, and Breath!

  5. Slawomir says:

    Hi Prof Spira. I have a question about physiological type, there is little information on the subject and maybe transition diet a little bit depends on this. You are fat type and I am lean type. do you have more information or experience with lean type that could you share? Thank you

  6. mike says:

    hello my names is mike and i was wondering about fruit and candida. If someone has candida the mainstream idea is to stay away from sugars even fruit sugars. I was just wondering if this type of dieting is detrimental to this condition

    • Spira says:

      From a Mucusless Diet perspective, fruit should not be avoided in regards to such problems. Sugar metabolism issues are systemic and always tied to issues of cellular constipation–that is the result of mucus/pus eating. I would stay away from starches/complex sugars, and really get involved in mucus-free vegetables that create an intestinal broom. I’d also take a look at some of Ehret’s stewed fruit recipes. As your body is cleansed, such issues are usually overcome. Peace, Love, and Breath!

  7. James says:

    Hi there spira i love your videos man i am on my way to becoming a vegan! 😀

    I just had a question in regards to EPA/DHA fats that are apparently essential for brain?

    Should i just forget about them completely or is there a vegan source of this? it seems like its from fish and fish oils and such. but i don’t have that anymore.

    thank you for reading!

    • Spira says:

      Greetings James! From a Mucusless Diet perspective, all fats are stimulants and not needed by the body. We do not believe in nutritional theories which propose that the body needs certain types of fats to thrive. Many strong herbivore and fruitarian animals do not consume any fats in their adult lives and remain a lot bigger and stronger than we are. The fats that I do periodically eat are just part of my transition diet, such as a little olive oil on a salad here or there. Peace, Love, and Breath!

  8. giorgio borelli says:

    hi, what is the ebook format? i have ipad air and must know whether your format is readable …

  9. Tree says:

    hi spira

  10. vlad says:

    Brother spira i am very interested in the breathing techniques used by brother air for a long fast please let me know how can i get educated on that thanks

    • Spira says:

      I know that he has created his own system based on experience and the study of other approaches. However, I he has studied the works of Yogi Ramacharaka, particularly Science of Breath, fairly intensively.

  11. Kevin Branley says:

    Am I going to need the four quart enema bag, or can I use two quarts and be effective?

  12. Jane says:


    Could you send me your email address please? I would like to get in touch with you about a great partnership opportunity.


  13. Sabrina Hocker says:

    Greetings Professor Spira!

    For about a week now I’ve been watching your YouTube presentations each night. Words cannot express my gratitude and excitement to learn of you and your group! I’ve especially been listening to you and Brother Air and “wow!” I had no idea!
    After listening to you every day for a week now, I decided it was time for me to make contact. Long ago, I read Prof. Ehret’s book and until recently had set it to the side and focused on other cleansing/detox methods and experienced some successes. However, I now realize the need to go deeper into my core with detoxifying my body temple; back to “ground zero”. It’s time for me to stop playing around and the light bulb has now come on.

    There is a group of us here in California (Sacramento) called African-Americans for Balanced Health ( I’m one of the founders of this organization and always want to set a good example; but mostly I want/need to do this for “me”.

    Last week I even visited the True North Health Center in Santa Rosa, California (Dr. Goldhamer) as they have a supervised water fasting program. After listening to you, Brother Air and the others, I truly believe I can do this fasting/detoxification without going to an expensive center. I am so ready.

    Would it be possible for me to have a phone discussion with you or someone in the group since you are in the “mucus free” life? I would love to make contact via the phone, as I’m not on Facebook. Also, I believe you have a radio show (if I recall correctly). May I listen over the phone? When does it air? Finally, I believe you may offer Prof. Ehret’s book as an e-book. I may be interested in this format.

    You may contact me at the number below, or if you’d prefer to give me your number, I can call. I truly believe that “All things are always in Divine Order.” Seeing your videos are so timely for me right now.

    Thank you for all that you are doing.

    Peace and wellness,

    Sabrina Hocker
    (916) 424-2721

  14. John says:

    Hi , i am a stutterer and reading arnold ehret’s book realize he help his friend with a similar problem. Actually i am vegetarian in transition to vegan. Do yo have any recommendation ? in the text didn’t explain to much how he cure his friend. Thanks,

    • Spira says:

      Greetings John. I can’t give advice in too much detail since I do not know your background. See for information about getting a more detailed consultation. However, I would recommend reading through the Mucusless Diet again as well as Rational Fasting. Working your way to higher levels of fasting and periods of fruit diet, or fruit and green-leaf vegetables, along with colon irrigation, will be important. I find that the best way to do this safely and effectively is through systematically transitioning the body using Ehret’s transition diet. Ultimately, the healing that you are referring to was the result of Ehret’s systematic approach to fasting. Peace, Love, and Breath!

  15. cindy says:

    Can u use Apple Cider Vinegar instead of lemons. thank you

  16. Marc says:

    I was recently reading about Womens Periods (Menstruation) being a symptom of bad health… (the blood, the pain, the fatigue). and it went on to explain about women who practice a true mucus-free diet will stop having periods.
    have you heard of this?
    is there any truth in it?
    do you know any women that can attest to this?
    or was it an internet hoax story ?

  17. Reni Dimitrova says:

    Hey Prof Spira,
    I am a Bulgarian translator and a follower of Ehret’s ideas. Thus said I would like to translate some articles about Ehret and his ideas in Bulgarian in order to be published on the Bulgarian Vegetarian Society page. So I would like to ask for your kind permission about this matter. I strongly believe that making Ehret’s ideas more popular to Bulgarian Vegetarian Society would be highly beneficial and would have a great impact on many searching souls.
    Thank you for your time.
    best regards Reni

  18. Ellis Gordon says:

    How do I purchase:
    Arnold Ehret’s Mucusless Diet Healing System: Annotated, Revised, and Edited by Prof. Spira
    I originally read this book in 1973, and it probably has had more effect on my life than any other book that I have read. I am interested in Prof Spira’s annotated version.

  19. Juan del rio says:

    Wow.great stumbling on your videos.I was into ehret full on in my teens .1971..back then I couldn’t pull it off .very fast transition.ready to do it right this time.thanks..Juan

  20. Jasper says:

    Would mucusless diet cure ringing in ears?

  21. khellili says:

    Hello,Prof Spira;
    the mucusless diet excludes the vegetal fats(avocados,nuts,seeds,oils…)As you know the body is” build” mostly of fats and water Fat is very important to the endocrine and nervous system…Following the mucusless diet which foods can provide the body wth the essential faty acids?
    I’m looking forward your answer.

    • Spira says:

      We do not believe in Western dietetic theories based around the concept of nutrition. Most animals do not consume what they produce, or what they are made of (in the sense of that kind of logic). Many primates are stronger and bigger than humans, but do truly exist on a fat-free frugivorus diet (when the environment is optimal). Adult cows and other herbivores do not drink milk to produce milk, or eat other cows (beef) to make there own beef. So that theory of humans eating fat or flesh to metabolize and create fat or flesh is considered to be a fundamentally flawed theory. Our focus is on the foods that leave behind the least amount of mucus waste in the body. With that said, some items may be used during the transition that have fat in them (olive oil, etc.), but they are never consumed for “nutritional” purposes, but to overcome addictions to worse mucus-forming foods. Once the system is really clean, there is no craving of fats or starches. Yet, in the long run I find starchy items to be better transitional tools than fatty items, because the latter can be very addictive until you get too clean to enjoy them.

      Peace, Love, and Breath!

  22. Susie says:

    Hello Spira ,

    I’m not sure if you and this lifestyle is real, I am coming to you out of hopelessness and hoping to SKYPE with you personally ( I WILL PAY YOU ) to start this journey of healing.
    I have been diagnosed with HYPOTHYROIDISM and placed on levothyroxin medication in 2007. Now I’m on Armour thyroid.
    I LIVED AND BREATHED THE SAD DIET ALL MY LIFE SINCE CHILDHOOD and have suffered many traumas and adversity.

    I have become very passionate and conscious about health , the human body, food and life.
    I have recently made the decision to eat organic foods and fast for the rest of my life.

    I hope you and this way of eating is real because I’m running out of hope and I keep running into nuropaths who only seem interested in my money.
    Staying strong and Determined
    Thank you , God Bless.
    From Chicago

  23. Romeo says:

    High goodday hope all’s well.
    Looking to be able to PM you Spira.
    Love peace harmony positive vibes to you and family.

  24. Marie Kennedy-Moore says:

    Peace Prof Spira,
    I’m doing ok with my transition diet – Where can I go to talk with other newcomers and with you if possible – Do you have a time and place/site where you are live for sharing?
    I recently downloaded your e-book twice by accident ( didn’t read carefully :) I meant to order the hard copy of the book which I did once I realized my mistake – I called the 800 number but couldn’t reach anyone. Can someone e-mail me. Thanks

  25. Matias says:

    Hi Prof. Spira,

    how many hours do you usually sleep? How about Brother Air? How does fasting affect the amount of sleep you need?


  26. Cherryl Williams says:

    Hi Prof Spira some of the items in the fruit and veg. are not what they appear to be. Some of the fruits are not complete on a plant molecular level. I love your work and site. It truly a start for many to strive for better health…Thank you.

  27. David says:

    Hello Spira
    How do I create an account?
    I want to buy a bopok and a consult
    Paypal process does not work
    Dave Doyle

  28. Shannon Brown says:

    Spira…does fruit pass through cleaner as you go further in time? Apples were cleaning my system so well last night that I was in there several times during the day..and several times between 2 am and 8 am lol..and whoa cleaned out stuff..which has to be good! :) But do you know if it passed through cleaner when we are not so encumbered with mucus ?:)

    • Spira says:

      Greetings Shannon, yes, I’d say that fruit does pass through cleaner over time. Although it should digest and come out a bit different than it came in. If it does not, there could be some kind of weakness in the digestive system. But, overall fruits do go through much cleaner when you start to get rid of all the encumbered waste.

      I’m going to elaborate a bit more on your question in an upcoming video. Peace, Love, and Breath!

  29. Vivek says:


    I have several questions.

    The first, its not affecting me much, how do you treat or live mucus free with HIV? Can I cure this with it? Also can people that I know that are born with it be cured eating this diet completely?
    Since, I am in India can you recommend anything native to here as the ayurvedic herb or others that you know? You seem very knowledgable.
    Lastly, I am vegan the last 3 years and I have been vegetarian for basically all my life. I was having extreme phlegm when I was taking spirulina, is its not advised? Are the powders of wheatgrass, barley grass, alfalfa, and stevia objectively phlegm forming or acidifying?

    I look forward to hearing from you here or on email.

    Om shanti,

    • Spira says:

      Greetings Vivek, we do not really focus on the individual names or concepts of illnesses as ascribed by the medical profession, such as HIV, etc., but focus on healing “human illness” in all it’s manifestations. To give you the best advice and guidance for your chronic illness, I’d need to know more details about your past/current eating habits, physiology, ailments, etc. This is information that I’d learn through the questionnaire I’d send you before a formal consultation. If you are interested in a one-on-one session or group of sessions, here is a bit more information on my consultation services: Also, we tend to not focus too greatly on herbs although I do discuss this with my clients if I find it necessary. But, the foundation of our focus is always on transitioning away from mucus/pus-forming foods and different forms of fasting.

      We do not recommend spirulina or other such additive “supplements” usually taken for nutritional purposes. Also, we are not into powders, especially as a way to overcome human illness. We find that lemon juice and distilled water enemas with mucus-free diet and fasting is the best way to get rid of the waste causing lymphatic stagnation and mucus build-up. The slime must be cleansed from the intestines, and most of those powders do not do this.

      Thanks for reaching out.

      Peace, Love, and Breath!

  30. j ds says:

    Hey its father jontian or ian

    Please get in touch. So neo e like you I need in my inner friend arena. You’re such a miracle sent by God. If I’m in New York we should fellowship. I’ve PLENTY to say

  31. j ds says:

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  32. Nick says:

    Are yams (Japanese, purple, garnet, jewel) mucus-less like the sweet potato?

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