I'm not going to lie to you, the information found in this eBook is likely different from anything you've seen before. For example:

After applying the secret principles found in the Mucusless Diet, I


Left: taken in September 2002 for my University of Cincinnati Resident Adviser ID badge. I weighed 280 pounds and suffered from numerous ailments. This is when I began to change my eating habits and overall lifestyle.

Right: taken September 2003 for my newer Resident Adviser ID. By this point I had lost 110 pounds, overcame my health issues, and gained a level of vitality that I thought I could never achieve

Soon my friends and family wanted to know what I did to make such a stunning transformation. Before long I was helping them transform their health, and I can do the same for YOU!

Join me, Prof. Spira, for an unprecedented look into the healing power of a mucus-free lifestyle! After losing 110 pounds and overcoming numerous physical ailments, I learned that I had a gift for articulating the principles of the diet to others.

As I began to interact with health seekers on in 2005, I realized that these written consultation could be of great benefit to far more than just its intended readers.

I’ve helped numerous people achieve greater wellness through a mucus-free lifestyle. And this book reveals some of these vital and inspirational stories.

Find out answers to these questions and much more:

  • What is the Mucusless Diet Healing System?
  • What foods are pus and mucus-forming?
  • How has the Mucusless Diet helped numerous people overcome illnesses thought to be permanent?
  • What does it take to practice a mucus-free lifestyle in the 21st century?
  • Why is the transition diet one of the most misunderstood aspects of a Mucus-free Lifestyle?
  • What transitional meals are best when you crave your favorite mucus-forming foods?
  • What is the secret cleansing practice that helped my clients eliminate pounds of waste in one evening?


Since 2005 I’ve taught many people how to change their eating habits and safely detoxify their bodies. Let me tell you a story about someone that I’m very proud of. Wendy had been suffering from a very weak pancreas and could no longer digest food. She had spent years on the very dangerous ‘mostly meat and no carbs’ diet (I refuse to utter its horrible name), and ended up very ill. After medical doctors provided no relief, she began to study and use raw-foods to heal. Although her raw-food instructors told her to “just stay raw” to heal, she was getting worse.

But I knew exactly what the problem was. After a consultation, I sent her a copy of my new eBook.

Soon, I received a message of joy from her that I will share with you now:

The people . . . NEED this – people like me… even after years on a raw transition we need to know it’s OK to transition any way that we can. If you knew how much suffering, physically and emotionally not only from my own mind, but from the well-meaning raw foodists, -“you need to be pristine in your diet” one of the (popular people) told me as I was on my way to the ER with a pseudo blockage. All I hear is raw – raw – raw – and I thought I was cured, and I was just getting started. Your book is already helping me in ways that I cannot express. I’m typing through tears. When I tried to eat cooked vegan before the paralysis got worse—it was because it was not mucusless [mucus-free]. Wendy Campbell, (Detoxification Specialist and Raw Foods Advocate)

I worked with one family who desperately wanted to increase their overall health and vitality. I was able to help the father and mother overcome several ailments and provide guidance to their children about practical social issues that come up when cleansing. In fact, one chapter in my new eBook reveals details from our mucus-free coaching sessions:

First, I must say, thanks for the internet! It is a very nice, comforting feeling to be able to communicate with someone who has been successful with this diet, able to keep it simple, and answer questions. Thank you! Tim Wader, (Health Seeker and Ehret Club Member)

One chapter of my book is dedicated to Samantha, a young woman just out of college who wanted to learn and benefit from the secrets of a mucus-free lifestyle. This is a very valuable chapter, as it reveals day to day details about succeeding with a shift toward a mucus-free cleansing lifestyle:

You truly are amazing. You have done nothing but given all you can to help me and I truly appreciate this. Thank you for feeding me. Samantha Claire, (Pianist and Educator)

I also have helped people already investigating plant-based vegan, raw-food, and other healing diets, reach greater heights. After reading my new eBook, Natural Health Consultant & Dietary Scientist Danny Michael said:

I’m definitely impressed. As simple as you kept much of the language in the text, the writings resonate (with me) on a much deeper level. The reading forced me to reassess my personal perspective on the subject, and served to challenge all that I previously held to be true. I have much (more) work to do! Thanks again! Danny Michael, (Natural Health Consultant & Dietary Scientist)

Also, a good friend, expert on raw-living foods, future nurse, and mother-to-be said:

Your personal rediscovery of your radiant, intended self is amazing! Living examples, that’s what people you are like, timeless individuals who live natural truth and telebeam it to others. . . Your book really “speaks” to the amazing personal journey that you’ve undergone as well as your quest to influence others, educate, restructure the domain of jazz performance, and guide and lead . . . those seeking greater health. . . As long as I have known you, I have felt it crucial that you document your insights. The result is intimate, generous and articulate. I enjoyed the balance of theory/research, poetry and conversation and the power this kind of assortment has to appeal to different kinds of learners. It was really interesting to read through your coaching, guidance, motivations, and relationship building processes throughout your conversations – really didactic and timely illustrating the struggles that people face – economic, familial, opposition from society, personal, emotive and coping strategies. I have to say also that reading through this really helped me to understand your perspectives a lot better and piece things together that were a little more scattered in my mind beforehand. It’s simply extraordinary and has influenced me in ways I didn’t expect and has shaped my own health trajectory. Cy, (Living foods advocate, mother-to-be, and future)

My work has also had international appeal with health-seekers around the globe benefiting. I recently received these very kind words about my new eBook:

I just received this ‘treasure against time,’ immortal material that I am very glad to get from a very advanced soul like you. You are a divine messenger and the world today needs this kind of message more than ever! Thanks, I will find some time every day to go through these massive volumes… Thanks Spira and may love shine in your life. Aldo Bassi, (Mucusless Diet Expert from Italy)

It is so inspiring to me to receive great responses such as this:

I spent the day reading most of your eBook and found the information invaluable. I am sure you have heard this before but it’s worth repeating. You have given a wonderful gift to those of us who are interested in the Mucusless Diet Healing System. . . you have given new meaning to how to go about using the System. Thank you very much. Theresa, (Health-seeker)

My work has also influenced friends that I grew up with. I was in Boy Scouts with Andy and remember sitting around the campsite eating all kinds of stuff:

Today marks exactly 6 months from the day I bought my juicer and started to change my life. A normal day six months ago would have consisted of coco crispies and low fat milk (which I had eaten for at least a year every morning), then a nice big club sandwich with extra bacon for lunch, and dinner was some kind of meat usually with a processed potato product as a side and always a bowl of ice cream for dessert (this doesn’t even include all the late night junk snacking I would do). Immediately after purchasing my juicer I swapped out my daily breakfast routine for a fruit juice which has now turned into a fruit and veggie juice. The next thing to go was meat . . . I feel like this lifestyle is limitless! It has given me results that I could have never dreamed of a year ago.

You . . . have really inspired me and given me the knowledge necessary to get to where I am today. I know I have just scratched the surface to this new lifestyle as I am doing research everyday and learning many new things everyday.” Andy J. Gorman, (Certified Wood Technician and owner of Free Flow Creations )

See what others have already found out about health RIGHT NOW in

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This information is invaluable, and people have gone to great lengths to get it.
Many have payed thousands of dollars for these secrets to health and vitality. And it is certain worth this.
This eBook is THREE BOOKS IN ONE! In the past, each volume has been sold separately, but for the first time you can get them all together, plus a great deal of previously unreleased material!
Here are a few highlights from the abridged table of contents:



Chapter 4—Practical Analysis Inspired by the Mucusless Diet

  • Art of the Transition Part I: A response to Stanley Bass and Others
  • Fasting, Fatigue, and Weakness
  • Prof. Spira on Dry Fasting and the Cyclical Nature of the Transition
  • Did Arnold Ehret really Promote Raw-foodism?
  • How Long Was Arnold Ehret Raw?

Chapter 5—The Wader Family Consultations

  • Introductions
  • Exploring the B-12 Myth
  • Eating Nuts and the Worldwide Mucusless Movement
  • Losing Weight and Physiological Karma
  • Physiological Details about the Wader Family
  • Transitioning more Slowly
  • Questions about Water and Fasting
  • Pain from Poor Food Combinations
  • Getting off of Tobacco
  • Questions about the 80/10/10 Diet
  • Questions about the Master Cleanse


Chapter 6—Correspondences between Spira and Cy

  • Greetings
  • Raw-Foodism in the Dominican Republic
  • Preparing for a Juice Cleanse
  • Change of Skin Color on Diet
  • Juice Fasting
  • Saftley Using Lemon Enemas
  • Brother Air and Breaking a Fast Properly
  • Dealing with Social Relationships on the Diet
  • Importance of Breaking the Fast Properly
  • Healing the Endocrine System

Chapter 7—Practical Analysis and Philosophical Inquiry Inspired by the Mucusless Diet

  • Leaders of the Physiological Revolution: A Short History
  • Critiques of Biological and Social Theory: Protein & Nutrition
  • Iron and Blood: Philosophical Inquiry Based on Ehret’s Work
  • What Are White Corpuscles Really?

Chapter 8—Where to go from here

  • Final Thoughts
  • Heal the World

Chapter 9—Inspirational Poetry

  • References Glossary About the Author
From the Table of Contents alone, it appeared to me this book would fill some important gaps, especially on transitional diets. Ed Howes, (Author and Healer)
Prof Spira has just put out a supporting book to the Mucusless Diet. He is a practioner out of Ohio. Get the book now called Spira Speaks. I did and its almost mandatory!! I read the whole book and am re-reading! Tony Bahlibi, (Educator and Health-seeker)
Your book inspired me Spira…and I have been inspired by watching videos of both you and Brother Air! I am on mostly fruit with salads and a few transitional foods each week currently..and will remain at this level for as long as I need to…tolerating the detoxification at this level enough to keep going…but I will also over time experiment with less heavier foods….I am excited about this journey..keep up the good work! Shannon Brown, (Health-seeker)
This mucus free movement is like the next big thing up from going ‘organic.’ I’m watching it right before my eyes. Qwalion Busby, (Educator and Health-seeker)

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Definite Cure of Chronic Constipation and Overcoming Constipation Naturally

In the Definite Cure of Chronic Constipation and Overcoming Constipation Naturally, Prof. Arnold Ehret and his number one student Fred Hirsch explore generally constipated condition of the human organism. Such constipation is not only in the intestines, but also in the tissues and cells. This constipation is derived from unnatural, uneliminated accumulations of waste that build up in the human body from childhood on. Within, the authors explore how to fundamentally and DEFINITELY cure chronic constipation.

  • Learn how to safely and naturally clear out intestinal waste
  • Learn a secret that you can use today to begin to transform the health of your colon
  • Find out the basic rules to live a constipation-free life
  • Learn why ‘foodless foods’ are so harmful to our health
  • And much more . . .

Table of Contents

  • Introduction by Prof. Spira
  • The Internal Uncleanliness of Man
  • The Effect of Laxatives
  • The Real and Deeper Cause of Constipation
  • Nourishing and Curing Laxatives
  • Conclusion
  • The One-ness of Disease
  • Physical Exercises Necessary
  • White Blood-Corpuscle and Anemic Paleness
  • The Habit of Over-Eating
  • Who are the Constipated?
  • Physical Suffering and Mental Unrest
  • Medical Examinations
  • Longevity Obtainable
  • Basic Rules for a Disease Free Healthy Life
  • The Cleansing Diet
  • Positive Healing Forces
  • Foodless Foods
  • More Causes of Constipation
  • The Simplest Meals are Best
  • Retain Good Health Indefinitely
  • Conclusion

Thus Speaketh the Stomach and the Tragedy of Nutrition

If your intestines could talk, what would they say? What if you could understand health through the perspective of your stomach? In this unprecedented work, Arnold Ehret first gives voice to the stomach and reveals the foundation of human illness.

  • Learn about the nature of internal uncleanliness
  • See what happens to the human stomach if it is not properly cleaned through non-toxic foods

Table of Contents

  • Introduction by Prof. Spira
  • Forward by Fred S. Hirsch
  • THUS SPEAKETH THE STOMACH by Prof. Arnold Ehret
  • Life is a Tragedy of Nutrition
  • The Great Event
  • Nutritional Deficiencies
  • The Value of the Fast
  • Return to Paradise
  • Nature’s Warning Voice
  • Fundamental Causes of Disease
  • Recapitulation
  • Conclusion by Prof. Spira

Health is Wealth!

If you order right now, as a bonus I will include not one, but two free eBooks by Prof. Arnold Ehret. These are classic works that every health-seeker should own! And you will receive them absolutely FREE if you order right now!

How Much Money Is It Worth To Eliminate Your Health Concerns And Revitalize Your Body?

I know… it’s hard to put a price tag on the amazing “clean” feeling you have once you’ve eliminated the pounds of smelly waste, invasive toxins, and debilitating inflammation from your body.

Normally you’d have to go to a holistic doctor or naturopath who specializes in cleansing and detoxing to receive a plan. But this would set you back thousands of dollars. And most insurances don’t cover this type of treatment and you’ll probably walk away with expensive “secret supplements” that are unnecessary. And only a few of them have harnessed the true healing power of a cleansing mucus-free lifestyle.

A 12 or 21-day detox will not be enough to get rid of the years of waste accumulated in the body. But radical fasting cures, raw vegan foods, and fruit-only diets will also not be helpful (especially if deceptive mucus-forming foods continue to be eating–as most do).

Fortunately, the answers you’re looking for are easy to implement no matter how new or experienced you are to detoxification. And you will learn how to systematically transition away from eating massive amounts of mucus-forming foods and transform your taste buds.

What if you only craved the foods that were good for you? This will never happen as long as you have old poisons inside you from your ‘favorite mucus-forming foods’. But I learned to transform my senses so that I no longer desire the most harmful foods. This makes eating healthy so much easier and fun!

Also, once I unlocked the key to this system, I never even looked at pharmaceutical medicines again. I no longer was confused about what to do to help heal my body when it starts to eliminate mucus and toxic wastes.

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