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In the Definite Cure of Chronic Constipation and Overcoming Constipation Naturally Prof. Arnold Ehret and his number one student Fred Hirsch explore the generally constipated condition of the human organism. Such constipation is not only in the intestines, but also in the tissues and cells!

  • Learn how to safely and naturally clear out intestinal waste

  • Learn a secret that you can use today to begin to transform the health of your colon

  • Find out the basic rules to live a constipation-free life

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“Chronic constipation is the worst and most common crime against life and humankind!” – Arnold Ehret in the Definite Cure of Chronic Constipation

Title Page
 Introduction  1
 The Definite Cure of Chronic Constipation  3
 The Internal Uncleanliness of Man  3
 The Effect of Laxatives  6
 The Real and Deeper Cause of Constipation  7
 Nourishing and Curing Laxatives  3
 Overcoming Constipation Naturally  13
 The One-ness of Disease  14
 Physical Exercises and Necessary  15
 White Blood Corpuscle and Anemic Paleness  15
 Keep the Colon Clean  15
 Maintain a Normal Bowel Functioning  16
 The Habit of Overeating  18
 Who Are the Constipated?  19
 Survival of our Present Civilization  20
Physical Suffering and Mental Unrest  20
 Mental Unrest  22
 Medical Examinations  23
 Longevity Obtainable  23
 Basic Rules for a Disease-Free, Healthy Life  25
 The Cleansing Diet  27
 Positive Healing Forces  30
 The Need of Proteins  31
 Humans as “Scavengers”  31
 Foodless Foods  33
 More Causes of Constipation  34
 The Simplest Meals are BEST  34
 Retain Good Health Indefinitely  35
 In Conclusion  37

The Definite Cure of Chronic Constipation

By Prof. Arnold Ehret

The Internal Uncleanliness of Man

Chronic constipation is the worst and most common crime against life and mankind—a crime unconsciously committed, and one whose full enormity is not yet fully realized. It stands accused of being one of the principal causative factors of all physical and mental diseases. I know as a fact, from my practical experience with thousands of chronically diseased, that the lives of humans, and the extent of their mental and spiritual capabilities, are largely influenced by the condition of the alimentary tract. It is certainly very important that the brain and nerves of men and women are supplied with pure blood, and are not dependent on blood polluted with impurities arising from an unclean alimentary canal. “Unclean” is too mild a word when we are dealing with the worst kind of a filthy condition.

It is a fact that humans, the product of the present “civilized” society of this much-vaunted “advanced” twentieth century, are born unhealthy because their mothers, during pregnancy, are almost invariably suffering from constipation. And I say further, that while in this state she usually eats two to three times as much as is necessary. This causes the so-called normal, more or less healthy person, to be somewhat encumbered from infancy. And to a much greater extent is the constipated one—who is loaded with such a mass of internal filth, that it can only be called “indescribable.” His or her alimentary tract, reaching up from the mouth of the anus to his or her throat, is filled with a morbid mucus—undigested, decayed, and retained food substances, all of which are in a state of fermentation and putrefaction. Their intestines have never had a perfect cleansing during their entire life. At the conclusion of each discharge, the anus must be artificially cleansed, which shows that the internal walls of the intestines must also retain, after each passage, quantities of this same filth.

A physician of Berlin, whose lifework was the performing of autopsies, stated that 60 percent of all the corpses contained in the alimentary canal various foreign mater—worms and putrefied feces—and he further stated that in nearly all cases, the walls of the intestines and colon were lined with a crust of hardened feces, making it evident that these organs had degenerated to a state of utter inefficiency. Progressive American physicians are rapidly awakening to the fact that retained fecal matter is one of the chief causes of disease. Autopsies are constantly revealing indescribable, filthy, astounding conditions. One physician published the following:

I have found a prototype of the cause of all diseases of the human body, the foundation of premature old age and death. Surprising as it may seem, out of 284 cases of autopsy held, but 28 colons were found to be free from hardened feces and in a normal and healthy state. The others, as described above, were to a more or less extent incrusted with hardened, rotten, rejected food material. Many were distended to twice their natural size throughout their whole length with a small hole through the center, and almost universally these last cases mentioned had regular bowel evacuations daily. Some of them contained large worms from four to six inches in length.

My experience from day to day developed startling discoveries in the form of worms and nests of eggs, that we daily get from patients, accompanied by blood and pus. As I stood looking at the colon and reservoir of death, I expressed myself in wonder that anyone can live a week, much less for years, with such a cesspool of death and contagion always with him. The absorption of the deadly poison back into the circulation cannot help but cause all the contagious diseases. The recent treatment of hemorrhage of the bowels in typhoid fever has shown it to be caused by maggots and worms eating into the sensitive membrane and tapping a vein or artery. In fact, my experience during the past 10 years has proven, by the rapid recovery of all diseases after the colon was cleansed, that in the colon itself lies the basic cause of almost all human ailments. —Anonymous physician

That this revolting and indescribable condition arises from the almost universal ignorance of right selection of food reveals why the Mucusless Diet Healing System is such an important discovery and development for the regeneration of humankind.
On the outside, the man or woman of today is carefully groomed, perhaps unnecessarily and over carefully clean; while inside, he or she is dirtier than the dirtiest animal—whose anus is as clean as its mouth, provided said animal has not been “domesticated” by “civilized” humans. . . .

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Your personal rediscovery of your radiant, intended self is amazing! Living examples, that's what people you are like, timeless individuals who live natural truth and telebeam it to others. . .
Cy, Living foods expert, mother, and registered nurse
. . . I feel like this lifestyle is limitless! It has given me results that I could have never dreamed of a year ago. You . . . have really inspired me and given me the knowledge necessary to get to where I am today. I know I have just scratched the surface to this new lifestyle as I am doing research every day and learning many new things every day.
Andy J. Gorman, Certified Wood Technician and owner of Free Flow Creations
You've changed my life my brother. I'm currently going through a fast because I have had a very mucused diet in the past which has brought out my eczema again. Your videos and writings have woken me up from the matrix I was living in with my diet. Even when I went vegan I was still having skin issues, but after seeing what you have to say about mucus, and why you have to decrease it, it all makes sense.
Nicky Castor Bennett, Health-seeker
Thank you for blessing me! Your recipes are incredible and have given me a new purpose. I'm LOVING it! You truly are amazing. You have done nothing but given all you can to help me and I truly appreciate this. Thank you for feeding me.
Samantha Claire, Pianist and Mucusless Diet Practitioner
The book is excellent! I love the fact that you are so detail oriented. With each page I was learning a lot. Professor Spira, you really outdid yourself and deserve a pat on the back!
Keonna Lo, Health Seeker
Professor Ehret planted the seeds and gave us some tools to start out this new era of re-creating our lives, re-educating ourselves, and re-programing our thinking which was so carelessly messed up by the world we live in. And Professor Spira is the person that picked up from where Arnold Ehret left off and has made everything complete...
Georgia Barretto, Brazilian Jazz Musician
I'm definitely impressed. As simple as you kept much of the language in the text, the writings resonate with me on a much deeper level. The reading forced me to reassess my personal perspective on the subject, and served to challenge all that I previously held to be true. I have much (more) work to do! Thanks again!
Danny Michael , Natural Health Consultant & Dietary Scientist
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