If your intestines could talk, what would they say?

Prof. Arnold Ehret’s Thus Speaketh the Stomach and A Tragedy of Nutrition is an unprecedented work where dietary genius Prof. Arnold Ehret gives voice to the stomach and reveals the foundation of human illness. You will:

  • Learn how mucus-forming foods create internal uncleanliness,

  • See what happens to the human stomach if it is not properly cleaned with non-toxic foods,

  • Learn how to eliminate strings of slimy, smelly Mucus!

  • And much more!

Improve your life!

In this innovative booklet, Arnold Ehret explains why eating mucus-free through the Mucusless Diet Healing System is so important.

Title Page
 Introduction  1
 Foreword  3
 Life is a Tragedy of Nutrition  22
 The Great Event  26
 Nutritional Deficiencies  27
 The Value of the Fast  29
 Return to Paradise  32
 Nature’s Warning Voice  33
 Fundamental Causes of Disease  34
 Recapitulation  35

. . . And now, let the stomach speak in the principal role of the “Tragedy of Human Nutrition.”

Thus Speaketh the Stomach:

“Histogenetically, I am, at first, a primitive, intestinal cell; a tiny, hollow bag with a mouth-opening; this being the ultimate, common, basic form of all true multi-cellular vertebrates, according to Haeckel. In the whole scale of living animal organisms up to and including humans, I am located in the center, at the point of gravity. To me—the Stomach—belongs this centrally located place; for I am the single building spot; the organized working apparatus for raw material, and at the same time, the master builder. I get my orders through the brain—the chief management—as unconscious instincts from the world’s architect. To me, alone—with my assistant, the bloodstream—belongs, in the main, the material building of the whole body; the formation and shaping of the organs, their maintenance, and the supply of repair material. I am the material main center of growth, replenishing and working the whole organism. Even the chief management—the brain—is subject to my food carrier, the blood. I have always been and shall remain the first and absolute ruler in the cell state of humans and of animals. To me belongs the center of being and health; of pain and disease, and of passing away. Thus I, only, in the first line, can be the source and supply of remedy—the hotbed and the deathbed of disease.

“In the chase after causative factors of disease, I have been displaced from my dominating position among the organs, in human’s perception—however, in the scale of so-called pleasures of life and culture; I have been elevated to the ‘Chief God.’ In reality, the millenarian mistreatment of humans has made of me a dark chamber of suicidal table enjoyment—and pain, my warning voice and defensive force, has been choked in the endless courses of dimmed kitchens. Human’s thinking has become obscured in the tempo of overculture of their abdomen—the conception of health has dissolved in fancy—and the specter of disease is haunting him. Also the terror of this phantom, their suffering and death, emanate from me. If I am the center of life; why should I not also be the center of death?

“Pain, uneasiness in general—and in particular parts—are my signals to ‘Stop too much unnecessary eating!’ These are alarm dispatches, and indicate functional disturbances in the vascular system, as a reaction on me,—which I ingeniously support by loss of appetite. They answer me by strangling my voice through more eating. My voice works as a danger signal, causing pain—because, through overeating and drinking, the pressure and density of blood are increased by me, instead of being diminished. In the state of disease and elimination, the bloodstream carries the dissolved auto-toxins from me to the kidneys; this goes on painlessly, with relaxed tissues only while fasting—which acts as a relief. Pain is merely my cry of distress; an expression of my disturbed healing work, which I can perform thoroughly only when I am empty and fasting. In fact and truth, my pain signals are good and life promoting, thought and action provoking to thinking people. They should be the refining fire, the upward move for the overcoming of suffering and disease—the forerunner of a new dawn of life. (These ideas may serve as a contribution to the Philosophy of Suffering; or Revelation of all values.)

“I, the Stomach, am the primary ruler over life and death, from the first primitive intestinal cell to the passing away of the last creature. My rule over living beings is self-evident—as I am the first deciding court of remedy, of repair, of restoration of the functional and organic disturbances called disease. Unceasingly, with the help of the organs of elimination and protection, I am secretly at work to regulate the well-being of humans with Edenic reserve forces. Especially in advanced years, I maintain a secret process of life-protecting and life-sustaining purpose in the most subtle form. Under continued inflow of inassimilable matter, of so-called food culture, and especially during the stoppage of my drainage canal, I am unable to maintain the balance. I become flabby from the eliminating work, and so does the whole tissue and blood system of my surroundings and of the entire body. I can neither digest the inflow, nor overcome it by secretion. I have to deposit matter for more tranquil times, and store it up in the tissues. Abnormal distension of my cavity and of the whole body is called ‘vigorous health,’—which must be registered by a pathological condition. . . . . .

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Life Is a Tragedy of Nutrition

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Sketch from original photograph of Arnold Ehret taken at the end of a 40-day fast.

Nature’s voice inspires those willing to listen to her teachings to a spiritual veneration and deep respect for our Creator! The power of health, beauty, grace, truth, and wisdom, everlastingly immune to all forms of disease, is probably one of the most sought after attainments of humans. But the habit of eating, striking all civilized humankind, involves and proves the saying I coined many years ago—”Life is a Tragedy of Nutrition.” Humans of today must constantly eat merely to assuage the pains caused through elimination of poisons accumulated in the stomach!
And to those willing to listen and give heed to the undeniable voice of Mother Nature, it becomes simple, for all of these blessings are within easy reach and obtainable! Vigorous health, lifelong usefulness, and a happy, carefree future is the rightful heritage of every individual promising a happier and spiritually enlightened future, with that greatly desired longevity a certainty.

My teachings are “old” yet “NEW”; hopefully acceptable to all truth seekers anxious to participate in the supreme embodiment of abundant, joyous health! The fundamental truth that we must all first learn is the importance of obedience to the laws of Nature. Humankind of today seems indifferent to the great harm done to both body and soul through eating unnatural foods.

Health culture has always been a matter of religion, for the body and soul are difficult to separate. We find priests and physicians were generally one and the same person! But the truly Natural mode of living was ignored and now practically forgotten. Primitive humans were strong physically, mentally, and spiritually. For many centuries past, behind the walls of secluded cloisters, meal eating, gluttony, and drunkenness held full sway. Many false doctrines which originated through these unnatural environments are still accepted today! Before proper nutrition can be restored, it is essential that the bloodstream be improved and regenerated, in order that it might, after dissolving and eliminating the disease deposits contained in every tissue of the body, successfully carry away these poisons and waste. . . . .

Your personal rediscovery of your radiant, intended self is amazing! Living examples, that's what people you are like, timeless individuals who live natural truth and telebeam it to others. . .
Cy, Living foods expert, mother, and registered nurse
. . . I feel like this lifestyle is limitless! It has given me results that I could have never dreamed of a year ago. You . . . have really inspired me and given me the knowledge necessary to get to where I am today. I know I have just scratched the surface to this new lifestyle as I am doing research every day and learning many new things every day.
Andy J. Gorman, Certified Wood Technician and owner of Free Flow Creations
You've changed my life my brother. I'm currently going through a fast because I have had a very mucused diet in the past which has brought out my eczema again. Your videos and writings have woken me up from the matrix I was living in with my diet. Even when I went vegan I was still having skin issues, but after seeing what you have to say about mucus, and why you have to decrease it, it all makes sense.
Nicky Castor Bennett, Health-seeker
Thank you for blessing me! Your recipes are incredible and have given me a new purpose. I'm LOVING it! You truly are amazing. You have done nothing but given all you can to help me and I truly appreciate this. Thank you for feeding me.
Samantha Claire, Pianist and Mucusless Diet Practitioner
The book is excellent! I love the fact that you are so detail oriented. With each page I was learning a lot. Professor Spira, you really outdid yourself and deserve a pat on the back!
Keonna Lo, Health Seeker
Professor Ehret planted the seeds and gave us some tools to start out this new era of re-creating our lives, re-educating ourselves, and re-programing our thinking which was so carelessly messed up by the world we live in. And Professor Spira is the person that picked up from where Arnold Ehret left off and has made everything complete...
Georgia Barretto, Brazilian Jazz Musician
I'm definitely impressed. As simple as you kept much of the language in the text, the writings resonate with me on a much deeper level. The reading forced me to reassess my personal perspective on the subject, and served to challenge all that I previously held to be true. I have much (more) work to do! Thanks again!
Danny Michael , Natural Health Consultant & Dietary Scientist
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