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The writings of Arnold Ehret survive today in various forms. Ehret first published his thoughts on diet and healing in German/Swiss dietetic journals during the ‘Back to Nature’ counter-cultural revolution in the late 1800s. After moving to southern California before WWI, he collaborated with his student and friend Fred Hirsch to promote his teachings in the United States. He taught himself English, and with Hirsch’s editorial help, translated old, and wrote new, articles intended for the American public. Over the years, various compilations of short articles have been released in pamphlet form along with larger book-length works. The Mucusless Diet Healing System and Rational Fasting are two of the most famous compilations, and indispensable to all who seek to attain superior levels of health and vitality.

ehret library

Inside are a list of classic writings by Arnold Ehret or material about his works. This includes public domain material no longer in print, introductions to several of Ehret’s books that are still in print, and famous writings related to Ehret’s legacy. For further critical discussions about content or context of these works, visit our forum page and join in the conversation.

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