Tragedy of Nutrition 

By Prof. Arnold Ehret, circa 1915

PART II [originally published with Thus Speaketh the Stomach]

  • Life is a Tragedy of Nutrition
  • The Great Event
  • Nutritional Deficiencies
  • The Value of the Fast
  • Return to Paradise
  • Nature’s Warning Voice
  • Fundamental Causes of Disease
  • Recapitulation

Life Is a Tragedy of Nutrition

 Nature’s voice inspires those willing to listen to her teachings to a spiritual veneration and deep respect for our Creator! The power of health, beauty, grace, truth and wisdom, everlastingly immune to all forms of disease is probably one of the most sought after attainments of man. But the habit of eating, striking all civilized mankind, involves and proves the saying I coined many years ago — “Life is a tragedy of Nutrition”. Man of today must constantly eat merely to assuage the pains caused thru elimination of poisons accumulated in the stomach!

And to those willing to listen and give heed to the undeniable voice of Mother Nature it becomes simple; for all of these bless­ings are within easy reach and obtainable! Vigorous health, life­long usefulness and a happy care-free future is the rightful heri­tage of every individual, promising a happier and spiritually en­lightened future, with that greatly desired longevity a certainty.

My teachings are “old” yet “NEW”; hopefully acceptable to all truth-seekers anxious to participate in the supreme embodiment of abundant, joyous health! The fundamental truth that we must all first learn is the importance of obedience to the laws of Nature. Mankind of today seems indifferent to the great harm done to both body and soul thru eating unnatural foods.

Health culture has always been a matter of religion, for the body and soul are difficult to separate. We find Priests and Phy­sicians were generally one and the same person! But the truly Natural mode of living was ignored and now practically forgotten. Primitive man was strong physically, mentally and spiritually. For many centuries past; behind the walls of secluded cloisters; meal eating, gluttony and drunkenness held full sway. Many false doc­trines which originated thru these unnatural environments are still accepted today! Before proper nutrition can be restored it is essential that the blood stream be improved and regenerated, in order that it might, after dissolving and eliminating the disease deposits contained in every tissue of the body, successfully carry away these poisons and waste.

When I first became interested in dietetics and followed a strict vegetarian life, my food intake consisted mainly of starchy vege­tables, wheat products, “nourishing” nut preparations and all of the dairy products, ie: milk, butter, cheese and eggs. In fact, drinking milk regularly with each meal was scrupulously carried out; only to find that my physical condition became worse and worse!

Stimulants in daily use, such as alcohol, coffee, tea, cocoa, tobacco and spices, together with sugar and salt are “poisons” so we are told, and should be avoided! My present attitude toward these so-called “poisons” has changed considerably. Stimulants and condiments if continually used will undoubtedly affect the nervous system. BUT, they most certainly are not solid obstruc­tions, nor do they leave sticky wastes or mucus stored up in the human body which occurs when unnatural and wrong foods such as starchy foods and dairy products, ie: milk, butter, cheese and eggs are eaten, all of which play such an important part in the vegetarian diet. I have found that condiments are far less harmful than gluttony, so that compared to over-eating they are practically harmless. They stimulate more or less, at the expense of vitality and the efficiency of the nerves, but as stated above, they do not produce, nor do they leave any substantial amount of waste in the body as do all of the wheat products, starch foods and the meat, fats and dairy products.

Admittedly, alcohol is surely a “poison”; but the English phy­sician, Dr. S. Graham, originator of Graham flour certainly struck the nail squarely on the head when he wrote, “A drunkard may become old. but a glutton NEVER”! Every centenarian that I have ever known used alcohol moderately — and a few were even heavy users of tobacco. But without exception, all of the cen­tenarians were very, very restrictive eaters — in fact the total amount of their daily food intake would scarcely keep a bird alive! And here we uncover and reveal the evident secret of longevity — RESTRICT YOUR FOOD INTAKE TO A MINIMUM! Many of the Saints of the Catholic church lived to a ripe old age and records show that they lived on only a “handful of food” a day!

So much is sure — there are not two known truths regarding the physical and spiritual perfectness of the human being. I have shown by “classic” examples that the highest degree of real civili­zation of mental and spiritual standards was attained and could be reached only through a most perfect body, enjoying splendid, superb health in every line; the result of physical culture, dietetics and fasting. No individual can hope to attain this much desired state if he fails to free his mind of all superstition, nor properly care for his body in accordance with Nature’s methods in every respect. He cannot hope to be saved from disease and imperfectness. Mankind all over the world, must soon take up — in the broad­est way, a program of care of the body and physical culture, patterned exactly like that followed in the classic age of ancient Greece, and from that alone will depend the salvation of our present civilization!

A “sudden” or “too rapid” change from the “wrong” foods to an exclusive fruit diet often causes undesirable disturbances even in the body of an entirely healthy individual. It is therefore preferable that the change from today’s accepted diet of meat, bread and potatoes be accomplished thru following the Transition diet as taught in my book, the “MUCUSLESS DIET HEALING SYSTEM.”

tragedy of nutrition

While it is true that you may experience a more “vigorous” feeling during the first few days of an exclusive fruit diet — it often happens that a feeling of weakness; fatigue accom­panied by headaches; and even heart palpitation set in. This is caused thru the loosening and dissolving of “poisons” filth and morass which the body has accumulated over the years thru “overeating” and which are now being eliminated thru the cir­culating bloodstream. This can easily cause more or less systemic disturbances; and unless you are thoroughly convinced of the efficacy of a natural diet, you can easily become dissuaded to a point where you will not only question, but actually lose all faith in continuing with further attempts to accomplish this necessary internal purification. It is for this reason that the “healing crises” must be understandably recognized and carried on. The appear­ance of a “haggard face” or a feeling of “general depression” must not cause you to lose sight of the ultimate goal you are anxious to achieve — the hoped for GOOD HEALTH!

Thousands of seriously ill persons have succeeded in overcoming their ailments thru following a “non-breakfast” plan alone! Two meals a day has proven ample for the average individual. The “breakfast” or first meal can be eaten at 10:00 a.m. and the next meal as early as 4:30 p.m. or whatever later time proves more convenient. There are also many followers of the one-meal-a-day plan — and they prefer their meal in the late afternoon. They at least receive the benefit of a 24 hour fast, since no solid food of any kind is eaten between meals. Liquids, both water, fruit and vegetable juices can be used anytime, if or when desired.

My mucusless diet consists of starchless vegetables and fruits. With this knowledge you can choose and combine food correctly — and the possession of another important truth of life is now revealed to you!

tragedy of nutrition

Meat-eating animals, being carnivorous by nature, require freshly killed meat for their daily subsistence, which explains why the “domesticated” animals fed exclusively on cooked-meats with­out the fresh blood and bones, eventually become ill and die. Laboratory tests feeding a diet of “refined” white flour to rats and mice, soon cause these animals to die!

During my stay in Egypt and Turkey I cannot recall having met a “nervous person”, yet almost without exception the inhabitants of these countries smoked almost continuously and drank strong coffee at the same time! The secret seemed obvious — they were as a whole very light eaters. And practically no meat at all was eaten by them. Careful observations of myself and many of my patients convinced me that foods such as meat, starches axl dairy products are more directly to blame for nerve disturbances and so-called “heart trouble”, — rather than the use of coffee, tea, chocolate and tobacco. Please do not misunderstand these state­ments and assume that I am defending these products; for they most assuredly should be classified as “poisons”! I am merely trying to show that the “nerve poisons” could have resulted thru other sources. When the individual suffering from a nervous break-down attempts to go on an exclusive sweet or acid-type fruit-diet the effect upon them will be the same as would result from drinking tea or coffee; provine conclusively that wastes and poisons in the systems are the direct cause of their “nervous break-down”. My teachings clearly prove that knowledge of the calorie content of food intake, ie: knowing which foods are highest in protein content: or the length of time required for various foods to digest — is by no means a “complete diet of healing” or sufficient qualifications for the Nutritionist. Unless we recognize the tremendous importance of a thorough and “deep” cleansing of the human cesspool we can very easily become deceived by Nature. This hitherto unexplained “ignorance” regard­ing the “fruit-diet” has proven to be the “stumbling block” for all other nutritionists and “food research experts”. Without a pre­liminary cleansing of the stomach and intestines of the mucus and decomposed protein foods stored in the tissues; eaten since early childhood: these poisons ie: (cyanide of potassium) are dissolved too rapidly by the fresh fruits — and if permitted to enter the circulation in their concentrated form, cause severe sensations, — yes; even death may result. And man’s finest natural foods, ie: grapes, apples, peaches, apricots, oranges, grapefruit, bananas, pineapples, figs, dates and a host of others are wrongly blamed! “Food experts” without exception give the advice: “yes, you require more protein to overcome your weakness”. This faulty advice is partly the “tragedy of nutrition”.

The Great Event – Tragedy of Nutrition

During many personal tests involving this same problem, I tried vainly to overcome the “stumbling-block” hundreds of times. After living for years on a “mucusless diet” combined with fasting; while traveling in Italy, I ate two pounds of the sweetest vine-ripened grapes and at the same time I drank two quarts of freshly pressed grape juice. Almost immediately I had the sensation that I was dying! Extreme dizziness, heart palpitation; followed by severe pains in the region of the stomach and intestines. My vision became affected and I was forced to lie down. After about ten to fifteen minutes the great event occurred. A mucus-foaming diarrhea together with copious vomiting and acid-smelling mucus — and this was soon followed by the greatest event of all! A feeling of great strength tempted me to perform the knee-bending and arm-stretching exercises, which I did without tiring for 326 consecutive times! Pre-historic man, living on unfired foods in his garden of Eden must have had this similar feeling. The tragedy of human existence now easily recognizable must be eliminated before man can again ascend to this “paradisaical” health! The garden of Eden was a fruit orchard — and man has been tricked thru a wrong civilization, into unconscious suicide; reduced to slavery thru producing wrong foods! This has now been going on thru thousands of years, yet man stubbornly refuses to acknowledge that his unnatural foods are the direct cause of all his sickness, untold suffering and premature death!

“PEACE ON EARTH” —the end of all wars — happiness and righteousness — remain a foolish dream! During thousands of years, God, Heaven, Paradise — Sin, Devil, Hell — seldom found an interpretation that a clear, reasoning, mind would willingly accept. We are taught to believe that an all-forgiving Father will allow man to enter Paradise in another world; unpunished for any of the violations of His laws in Nature. I have proven for the first time in modern history that a paradisaical diet of fresh fruits is not only possible, but that it is an unconditional necessity for the re-rehabilitation of a degenerate mankind such as we now find ourselves! It is the first step to real salvation and redemption from the many ailments and miseries of life. This, then, is the key to the “lost Paradise”; where disease, worry and sorrow — hate, fighting and murder were unknown — a condition at least, where there was no death from unnatural causes!

Nutritional Deficiencies

The adulterated, unnatural, false, man-made foods of present day civilization are the underlying, physiological causes of all evils to which man is prey — especially of all kinds of diseases. Health will not return, nor can it be regained thru drug remedies or the various treatments, since supreme, absolute, paradisaical health is ruled by the laws of diet! All other methods must be classified as “aids” and come under the category of “assistance”. Man, — like every plant and living-organism receives his growth from childhood to maturity from his food — and his health or his disease is dependent upon the type of food he eats. The “Fall of Mankind” was therefore a “sin of diet”. The paradisaical story of eating the “apple” is misunderstood. The biblical use of the word “apple” was merely as a symbol of “food” for the apple in fact is the ideal food; King of all fruits, the real “bread” of heaven.

It required four to five years of continuous study, testing and experimenting — oft times dangerous — for me to learn this truth! Nature wants to save you from whatever illness you are presently suffering. Regardless of how miserable, sick, feverish, weak or desperate you may feel, — you may depend upon it that Nature never loses interest in your welfare! Disease is merely an effort on the part of Nature to start performing the process of healing — to eliminate surplus waste and disease matters from your system. If you would but listen; and heed Nature’s still voice, ‘ie’: “remain quiet, rest, sleep and Stop Eating, so as to give me a chance to eliminate poisons and repair your bodily mechanism! Take time to be “sick” for a few days, and I will help you!” Thus the in­stinctive voice of Nature speaks to all of her children, both animals and men! But Nature is helpless when you insist on obstructing her good intentions thru drugs, “pain-killers” or increased eating.

If the waste-mucus and poisons in your already “over-loaded” body are too great and of too long standing; then Nature cannot help — even Fasting indefinitely is hopeless! You must eventually expire, just as do the wild animals who are beyond help and can­not recuperate thru fasting alone. Nature’s tendency of evolution is the final goal of “Quality” not “Quantity” — and the weak and degenerate are wiped out thru nature’s inflexible methods. This of course is true especially of those who stubbornly persist in violating all natural laws of living! While all natural healing methods and treatments are more or less cleansing; “healing” per-se; they unintentionally or perhaps purposely seem to overlook the original source of the cause of the disease. The foods of today’s “accepted diet” are presumably harmless and therefore per­missible according to their reasoning; and so they fail to even suggest a discontinuance of their use!

The Value of The Fast

The animal kingdom exemplifies the wisdom of natural-living thru practical demonstrations. When an animal becomes sick or injured — it instinctively uses Nature’s divine, curative law of Fasting, — contrary to accepted medical practice. Eating “nour­ishing foods” during the “critical” period is a fallacious practice, causing more harm than good! We soon recognize that man is the sickest animal on earth thru his incorrect belief in his “im­aginative power” of a superior knowledge of food preparation!

tragedy of nutrition

Volumes have been written on the subject of Fasting by self-styled “experts” — yet there is no one who understands exactly what physiologically and pathologically takes place when the healing “holy” spirit, that is to say — the personal vital efficiency of the “unfed” body definitely acts! Fasting is the most misunder­stood and feared of all the curative agencies. Why is Fasting so difficult; so weakening; yes, one might say — so dangerous and why so doubtfully accepted? And my answer is this simple, mathematical, physiological formula, viz: “V” (vitality) equals “P” (power) minus “O” (obstruction). Absolute, vital efficiency is equal air-pressure minus obstruction, (mucus). Physically seen, the human body is an “air-gas” engine, very similar to that of all other “air-beings” — who exist a relatively long time by air only — generating absolute activity without solid or liquid food of any kind what-so-ever during their entire existence! “Air-pressure” or “Air-power” being the same at sea-level every where on this earth — the vitality of all humans wherever they might be dis­persed around the globe should be the same at sea-level! The vitality of all humans should be the same throughout their entire lives but unfortunately this is not so — and the only explainable cause can be thru the difference of resistance — which undoubtedly results from the varying quantities of obstructions of “waste-matters”, ie: “mucus” acquired thru years of wrong diet-decayed, unused food-stuffs, proven and thoroughly explained in my book “RATIONAL FASTING for Physical, Mental & Spiritual Re­juvenation”. We therefore find that the more clogged the system might be with “mucus” — the less the vitality! When solid foods of all kinds are discontinued during a Fast — the blood stream, which by the way circulates throughout the entire system every thirty seconds—(120 times every hour) starts dissolving the waste-matter “mucus” which has been deposited in the tissues — especially in the stomach and intestinal tract but more particu­larly the specific organ where the symptoms of the respective ailment are located. Should the whole “constitutional encum­brance” cause the patient to be too heavily “overloaded” for their limited vitality; the over-taxed body is unable to handle the situ­ation, without causing the patient to become extremely tired, weak and mentally troubled! Fearing death, the “sick-man” understandingly lays all blame on the “lack of food”! It is at this point that a critical “stumbling-block” arises for almost all fasters. No Faster dies thru lack of food — they actually suffocate in and from their own wastes! Awareness of this fact and proper prepara­tion through living on a well-balanced, carefully selected diet, will succeed in making the cleansing fast a pleasure rather than an unpleasant experience.

The length of the fast and even the “timing” between the shorter fasts — and instructions on the proper variations of the kinds of food to be eaten between fasts should be individually applied in each case. This is especially true in cases of severe illness or long chronic conditions, where the patient’s limited vitality is prac­tically depleted and at an extreme low ebb. These precautionary methods must be carefully observed since the quantity of “mucus” now being dissolved may prove to be greater than the patient’s “vital efficiency”. For this reason, the more slowly you proceed; and the more time you have available — the less vitality required and the more certain the “cleansing” will be. So, may I repeat: the tempo, length of fast, and the choice of meals eaten between fasts should be carefully determined.

Eighty percent of the “chronic sick” whose condition has be­come serious would probably die from a long fast! For this reason I consider the utmost caution necessary; in fact I believe it would be a crime to recommend a long fast to any unfortunate whose sick organism is so greatly clogged with “waste” that vitality has practically reached a vanishing point! Just as an example: A long “transition diet” is necessary for the individuals who from rarely childhood were given drug remedies for their various ills suffered during a life-time; whether thru “innocence” or plain “ignorance”. The harmful properties contained in these drugs are ever present, and take years for complete elimination!

A “special” selection of food is probably indicated, — not for better nourishment, but for a “less aggressive” effect in dissolving the mucus and poisons, — thereby avoiding a too rapid elimina­tion of the waste obstructions which could result in becoming a dangerous situation.

Thru this discovery of the tragedy of modern nutrition, all errors of science must be recognized and overcome, for mankind of today suffers more illness than he has during the past twenty centuries of Christianity! No other animal violates Nature’s laws thru gluttonous eating as does civilized, modern man! In fact, man has completely overlooked the foundational teachings of Christianity, the religion of love — thru failure to recognize and abide by nature’s fundamental teachings, ie: the proper care of the human body! Our record of “self-destruction” — both thru needless, cruel warfare — and a “self-destruction” which inevitably results from the present day diet of civilization, is almost overwhelming!

Christ said: “Truly I tell you, who is not regenerated by water and spirit, ie: (“spiro”-air) will not enter the kingdom of heaven”. We still hopefully look forward to the “return of God’s kingdom” by praying; or the ethical self-made morals or belief in miracles and transcendental existence! God’s “heaven on earth” was once in the Paradise — the garden of Eden — which clearly means; man’s living, man’s eating, man’s happiness, — man’s absolute health, — has existed and can only exist among fruit bearing vines and trees! The real physiological truism of the above statements mean: The new, God-like man of the Paradise can only return thru physiological purification; the salvation of healing from the sins of a “civilization diet”.

Disease is internal uncleanliness, acquired over all of the ages thru wrong foods! We find medical drugs have acquired the status of a “household-necessity” today; for the suppression of pain of the various symptoms. We cannot spare the necessary time to properly cleanse our ailing bodies thru Natural methods! Drugs act instantaneously! Or perhaps they still “doubt”, — despite the logical proofs presented! Man does not lack strength — he lacks Will Power! But eventually an accounting must be made! The more intelligent a human being becomes, the more careful he is about his diet. A “spiritual-blindness” has driven present civiliza­tion to “fancy” foods, but time is running short and it is rapidly becoming alarmingly necessary that we must soon establish a diet regime according to our bodily requirements. We must close our ears and our minds to the false prophets posing as “experts” who ignorantly recommend “man-made foods” that are slowly but surely hastening our end. Civilization can not exist much longer in our present manner and we have already entered the age of dissolution of our present civilization!

Return to Paradise! – Tragedy of Nutrition

Original man was placed by our Maker in a paradisaical garden until a devastating sin, symbolized by the eating of the “apple” overtook him! God provided “invisible food” for man; perfume from trees and flowers and other vegetation; pure, clear sparkling water, unpolluted and free from chemical additives and poisonous gases; magnetic impulses received thru contact with the clean soil; electric vibrations communicated thru the luxuriant growth of hair on the head as well as the body; for each single hair is an electric receiving station. Direct, life-giving rays were re­ceived from the sun on the naked body. These “invisible foods” for the body and “spirit” are inexorably inter-connected and the “spirit” is of first importance; for this is the REAL man! Com­pare this with our present day food which is either damaged or whose food value is completely lost at the source of supply thru processing — and even our organically grown foods do not escape the damage!

Our present day source of essential “food supply” has become polluted resulting in the many diseases and bodily ailments afflicting present day man-kind. But hopefully, we may still have time to readjust to Nature’s guide-lines and re-institute the garden of Eden! Man may hopefully re-acquire the enduring vitality to live for hundreds of years at full vigor — just as he did when first put on earth and while living in Paradise, but he must inevitably return to a fruit diet. Does not the Bible tell us, — “and the earth shall be inherited by the meek and humble”. With man’s change in food and natural living will come a spiritual regenera­tion. The cleansing must be two-fold — ie: both spirit and body.

Only the inspired person can understand the fruitarian pref­erence, which is the food of Paradise. We live in an age when man is in open rebellion against Nature — which probably means that only a chosen few will listen and reap the benefits of Nature’s teachings. Thru the carnivore diet accepted by man dur­ing the past centuries, came the lowest physical form of living for mankind; actually killing and eating his co-creatures!

Nature’s Warning Voice

Nature will not tolerate persistent, continuous abuse without exacting a penalty! The simple truth is oft times more difficult to believe than the wildest fiction. Plain facts appear incredible, yet statistics prove hundreds of millions of humans throughout the civilized world today are depleted in vitality and live only half-useful lives. Neither religion nor a university education can create vibrant health and radiant vitality. You can regain and retain health thru a mucus-free diet (consisting of fruits and starchless vegetables), exercise, breathing, walks and proper daily elimina­tions, fresh-air, sunlight and pure water! These are the curative agents. Allow Nature in her own way to repair and restore the ravages of disease, slowly but surely. You can not expect worth­while results if the cause is permitted to remain. The act of diges­tion begins as soon as food enters the mouth, but excessive quantities of foods such as meat, fats and starchy foods make impossible the process of complete digestion. Instead of heeding Nature’s warning voice to “desist” we eagerly continue our wrong eating habits. Progress comes thru recognition of sickness as a remedial measure. During fifteen years of experimenting and tests carried out on my own body as well as hundreds of others all of whom had previously received either medical or natural treatments, suffering from so-called “incurable conditions” — ie: deafness, partial blindness and paralysis; when using my methods of over-coming disease thru corrective diet, all received complete results. “Disease is internal uncleanliness,” and this message is deepened and glorified as the infallible truth thru my conception of physiological religion!

tragedy of nutrition

When conditions for nutrition are ignored the organs of life wither, waste and weaken. Only thru proper digestion can life be augmented thru this physiological process. Changes inevitably must occur in the perishable substance — and putrefactive and fermentative changes are going on continuously. Decomposition of food in the stomach and small intestines is easily recognizable. Digestive juices which the normal individual secretes every twenty-four hours are estimated to weigh approximately twenty-five pounds, and these juices are poured back and forth during the digestive process. When these liquids are retained beyond a normal length of time they cause inflammation — and bring about a pathological condition; a direct cause of nervousness. The intestinal canal and colon are used as a storage place and the blood stream absorbs poisons from this decomposing excess waste. We should free the bowels of waste-gases and fecal matter as many times a day as we eat.

Fundamental Causes Of Disease

Medical authorities inform us that we are rapidly becoming a “tooth-less” race thru improper nutrition with which I completely agree; and may I add that we are rapidly becoming an aggregation of “corpse-colored” beings that we boastfully refer to as the “white-race”! Western civilization can only receive a new lease on life thru following the basic laws of Nature; ie: the wise and proper use of fasting and a “mucusless-diet”! The Mucusless Diet Healing System requires considerably more detailed study than can be covered in this article. We have now learned that the fundamental cause of disease is the presence of foreign matter in the body, — undigested, uneliminated and putrefying food substance resulting from over-eating, especially of mucus-forming foods. This disease producing material is a partially digested, decaying, semi-liquid which enters and poisons the blood-stream thru re-absorption and feeds these poisons to the various organs of the body. It is really proven that every person living on the accepted present-day “mixed diet” consisting of meat, starches and liquids; — or on a starchy vegetarian regimen, has a system, more or less clogged-up with mucus. It has long been recognized that meats and animal fats are not suitable for man-kind. They can not be fully digested, remaining in the tissues of the body as a sticky, gluey consistency which eventually clogs the entire circulation. It is reasonable and self-evident therefore to assume that unless a change be made from their disease-producing diet; replacing mucus-forming foods with tree-ripened fruits and starchless vege­tables; favorable results can not be expected. The amount of mucus and toxic poisons stored up in the deepest tissues of the body is much greater than supposed. Care must therefore be taken not to allow the elimination to become too rapid while being dissolved thru a muculess diet. This is the probable explanation of why a radical “fruit-cure” or a “long fast” without necessary knowledge of when and how to discontinue the fast often cause serious impairment of an already weakened vital energy.


The “tragedy of nutrition” remains a mystery to all those who refuse to believe that the nutritive and curative values of fresh fruits and starchless vegetables are far superior to all other foods. They not only furnish the blood with the best nutrient elements and dissolvents; but starchless green vegetables contain high mineral-salt contents and also enjoy valuable vitamins. We find the sick-person almost forcibly fed on “mucus-forming” foods; ie: eggs, milk, meats and starchy “pap”. The formation of mucus continues, never ceasing until finally decay takes over and the bacilli make their appearance when death becomes inevitable. The “mystery” of the bacilli can be readily solved, thusly: The gradual clogging up of the blood vessels leads to decomposition of these mucus-forming products. Now, everyone surely knows that all meats, cheese; in fact all organic matter will germinate in a favorable environment, putting forth bacilli during the process of decomposition. This condition of decay actually takes place in the living body and is referred to as pus-abscesses, lupus, tuberculosis, syphilis, etc. The germs appear and are detectable only in the more advanced stage of disease. They are NOT the cause — but a product of the disease, and disease-furthering because of the excretion of the bacilli and then- toxins. I maintain that if man lived in accordance with natural dietetic laws, on a mucusless diet, he would experience absolute health, beauty and strength with no pain or grief — just as we are told in the Bible.

The seemingly healthy person must first pass thru a condition of “cleansing”; sickness, so to speak, or at least an intermediary stage of sickness, before attaining the higher level of health. Properly, man in perfect health should exhale fragrance! The stench of odor, sweat, foul-breath and all body odors, are merely indications of the rotting-matter with which practically all bodies are weighted; handicapped almost from infancy to that final excess of corruption which stills forever the human engine. Red; is the visible color of life; white; pale, colorless; a token of disease. We have come to visualize old age as a state of decrepit old men and women. Ask any young person in their teens or even early twenties if they would like to become 80 or 90 — and the answer is more than likely to be a horrified — NO! Becoming a centenar­ian is looked upon as being “unnatural”. My “Mucusless Diet” holds forth a promise of longevity with every single day a thrill and joy of living that God intended for all of his children.

Why do we start growing old at forty? The answer must be — “thru eating the refined foods of the conventional American diet”! Millions will needlessly die from various, unnecessary ailments, many before they attain the age of seventy-five! And eighty per­cent of those who reach sixty-five will be invalids, suffering from catarrhal conditions, rheumatism, arthritis, Brights disease, diabetes and many others — requiring hearing-aids for deafness, and wearing glasses for failing vision, false teeth for loss of teeth; crutches, canes and wheel-chairs.

THE TRAGEDY OF NUTRITION — the cause of our failure to attain sixty-five with a healthy glow to our skin, vital energy and ambition — and with never a thought of a complete cessation of all the worth-while activities of life! Small wonder that hard­ening of the arteries starts at fifty when we deliberately dope our bodies with alcoholic drinks, nicotine and coal-tar poisons of cigarettes; —caffeine from coffee and tea, meat and mucus from starchy mucus-forming breads, cake and cereals; all of which clog our bodies, eventually entering the blood-stream! Internally we are all identical, with thirty feet of intestines. Study your own body — hunger for health knowledge; there are no secrets! Con­vince yourself of the absolute truthfulness of a mucusless diet! Our greatest desire in life is retaining “youth” — with its grace, beauty, vivacity and charm! Thru wrong eating, gluttony and faulty-elimination we will be old at forty! This is truly