This is the introduction to Prof. Arnold Ehret’s Physical Fitness thru a superior Diet Fasting and Dietetics also A Religious Concept of Physical, Spiritual and Mental Dietetics by Fred Hirsch.

Physical Fitness Thru a Superior Diet: Introduction

physical fitness thru a superior diet


What is significant in all of Prof. Arnold Ehret’s writings is that he had evidently a remarkable insight as how man lived in the failed paradisical Garden of Eden! It must at least be most certainly admitted that the man had visions which he found difficult to express into ordinary words. Surely, God’s truth is as free as the water you drink, to all willing to partake of same at the fountain! And you will know exactly how to proceed, if only you have thoroughly acquainted yourself with the basic health teachings of Prof. Ehret. First permit me to mention a few pertinent facts. Arnold Ehret was imbued solely with teaching his fellow man the proper methods for securing health, happiness and longevity through living in complete harmony with the laws of Nature! He achieved what others consider to be “seeming miracles” – and it now remains your privilege to judge for yourself whether the way of life taught by this long-to-be-remembered man with such deep convictions holds the promised health rewards for you! We have found it to be almost essential, as well as most desirable, to practically commit these teachings to memory:

  1. Health is three fold, i.e.: Body – Spirit and Soul!
  2. Nature alone has the Power to Heal, and no other source possesses this Power!
  3. When spiritually out of harmony, unhappily discontented, a complete change in mental attitude is necessary.
  • Revitalize through correcting the internal causes of ill-health.
  • Place your FAITH without reservation, in the power of Mother Nature to heal all ills, through proper diet.
  • Know your body and spirit for they are the soul of man.

High ethical principles, spiritual aspirations, congenial work, fresh pure air, clean water and proper diet, form the super-structure of which life is built.

Prof. Arnold Ehret has indicated the natural healing methods to be followed by those willing to join in raising a new civilization, where man will become more “precious” than the acquisition of “silver and gold.” Feed the body “that which it needs” rather than that which it desires! The true attainment of life is mental and spiritual enfoldment so “Let’s Live Abundantly”! Following the well known, proven, natural laws will bring superior intelligence and superior health. We have become more ignorant of Natural laws governing health in this supposedly enlightened century than we have ever been before in all of our past centuries. To live in accordance with the knowledge we presently posses; Natural laws which are eternal, is an inspiration which certainly no one should miss. The Medical profession have tried in vain to suppress causes through treating the “symptoms” and we have blindly accepted the methods in general use today! Our body being the temple of the spirit – must be treated as an entity and not separately. Surgical removal of the offending organ, nor replacement of same through the process known as “transplantation” is not the answer. Only minor temporary relief, at best can be achieved! The cleaner our temple is kept, the greater the spirit. REVITALIZE your body through correcting internal causes of illness.

Prof. Arnold Ehret has left to the world what might prove to be the most important message mankind has ever received during the past two thousand years! His health teachings vouchsafes for all of his followers, Health, Happiness in Living, and a complete Spiritual awakening!

FRED S. HIRSCH, D.N.S. – Physical Fitness thru a Superior Diet