Rational Fasting: Introduction by Fred Hirsch

rational fasting

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Below is Fred Hirsch’s preface from the fifteenth edition of Professor Arnold Ehret’s Rational Fasting for Physical, Mental & Spiritual Rejuvenation. This timeless classic includes Ehret’s Your Road to Regeneration, plus illuminating writings by Ehret disciples Fred S. Hirsch, the author of this preface, Robert Miller and Teresa Mitchell. 


Are you one of the thousands of present age persons – discouraged and disheartened because of ill-health; is your faith in so-called cures shattered after having tried them without results; are you only able to use a small percent of the vitality that good Mother Nature endows her beloved ones with? Probably you have been told that only an operation will save you. Somehow, when we suffer organic trouble we fail to think clearly and permit ourselves to be easily persuaded into operations. If you are one of these unfortunates DON’T GIVE UP HOPE. For “he who hath health can hope, and he that hath hope, hath everything.”

rational fasting


“Since man degenerated through civilization, he no longer knows what to do when he becomes sick.” – Arnold Ehret

The genuine principles of healing are simple and few. Our very lack of appetite which occurs when we are sick is Nature’s method of teaching her children. One might properly call this a “forced fast”. These are but a few of the truisms taught by Arnold Ehret in his many writings. Our greatest possession is health.

A general agreement seems to be gaining acceptance among an increasing number of Practitioners both of the drugless as well as the medical fraternity that the fundamental cause of disease is the presence of foreign material in the human body, but it has not yet led to the discovery of the roots of this invading mystery. Prof. Ehret has conclusively proven that this disease causing material is the undigested, uneliminated and decays, rotting food elements resulting from too much eating of wrong foods. It is therefore entirely reasonable and should be clearly seen that the main factor in the health enigma should consist of dietetics. If over-eating is the main cause of the patient’s disease, it requires intelligently conducted fast’s to correct the condition. It is a known fact that all of the animal kingdom living in a natural environment, instinctively heal themselves through fasting. It can be easily proven that persons living on a mixed diet of animal flesh and starchy vegetable, has a system more of less clogged with mucous This condition has been going on since early childhood, – in fact even before. These foods are not suitable for mankind, and they form a sticky, gluey consistency which eventually clogs the circulation. Is it not self-evident and certainly reasonable that this disease-producing eating must be stopped! Fasting, plus a decrease in the quantity of food eaten daily is the only check on over-eating. Exercise due precaution not to proceed too rapidly for an unwise application of the eliminative process could cause a serious condition to develop.

This drugless healing is not limited in its scope!

And thru its proper application and its use it restores normal functioning overcoming practically all ailments to which the human-family is subject.



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