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The following is an excerpt from the introduction to the 1994 edition of the Mucusless Diet Healing System published by Ehret Literature:

What is the fundamental cause of disease? Why in this time of heightened scientific medical advancement is degenerative disease so prevalent? Have we accepted a state of existence as normal, when in fact so much more is within reach? Are we living a compromised life? These are serious questions we need to ask, in order to embark upon the road which cruelly leads to understanding of the central cause of disease and its prevention.

At the present time disease claims more lives than all other causes of death combined. Over twenty five million are afflicted with Arthritis. Diabetes claims over five million and ranks third as a cause of blindness in this country. Cancer has become so very wide spread despite the so called war on cancer. The field of scientific medical thought is struggling to resolve these problems.

In the past ten years, the medical community has understood the basics of diet in relationship to disease and prevention. Effort is being made but, the lax focus and weak education effort is an issue of contention. Why? Because Professor Arnold Ehret as well as others have been at least suggesting the role of diet and disease for seventy years. Why does it take so long for a response when millions are suffering? Have you been watching the advertisements for milk and beef lately. Industry is panicking in the face of growing awareness of the value of a vegetarian diet. So why the contention? Why are so many thousands leaving the country to seek alternative treatment for cancer?

In the course of forty years you consume about 42,000 meals. Is it not responsible that they may have some effect on the human organism? Diet is the basis of blood formation an the quality of the blood is the life for your cells. The body is not inert to a response. The failing health of a person has a link to somewhere.

Professor Arnold Ehret seventy years ago taught through his common sense reasoning the importance of diet in the cause of disease, its prevention and treatment. Additionally he offered a glimpse into the possible true state of health, a standard far higher than believed today in traditional health medical science.

What is it that is guiding man? Progress in technology, to more comfortable life? But without the guidelines of natural law what are the tradeoffs? Air pollution, water pollution, dumping of toxic waste, and what do we do with radioactive waste? Where does conscience enter into the process? Professor Ehret is a man of concern for the morality and sacredness of life. His effort on Earth was to educate people in the relationship between natural law, health and a respect of all life.

Professor Ehret’s proclamation of the internal uncleanliness of the human organism is caused in part by devitalized, deminerialized, refined, chemically filled fake foods of modern civilization. Autopsies clearly show through arterial plaque and intestinal retained waste, that the body is in a state of uncleanliness. The foul odor of the bowels and bad breath are indicators of this impurity.

The field of science is essential. Biochemistry, physiology, nutrition, etc. enables us to understand details of molecular function and the chemistry behind the function of systems and organs. Pathways eg; Krebs Cycle, bring us to the inner world of cellular chemistry. This is only half the story however.

Natural law is essential to understand if we are to build a world without disease. The understanding of natural law is the spiritual moral, and purposeful force and meaning behind something. Without this, science is like sailing without a compass. We have come to realize that in some way or another all things are connected together. As we cut down rainforests and pollute the air, we understand that it is our own survival at stake. The Earth is our source of biological life. Arnold Ehret realized this and clearly taught the direct relationship between the foods of the Earth (the right kinds) and health. His personal validation of his teachings as well as countless others is an outstanding feature of this man. So many teachers do not practice their own words. It is true that word and deed create a man of substance. Truthful words and truthful deeds created a bright memorable person, Arnold Ehret.

While science is advancing we learn evermore clearly the wisdom of nature. Today, science being far more developed than seventy years ago, is no reason to stumble over some of the less clear explanations, concepts or science of Professor ehret’s era. The essence is this: we must eat right, we must purify our lives, and know the Principles that govern nature, of which mankind is included.

The writings of Arnold Ehret will move your soul. They will cause you to think and wonder about life in a new way. The laws of nature are unchanging, and thus the insights of this great man are timeless, and are very much needed for a troubled world.

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