My Road To Health Teresa Mitchell

This is the preface for My Road to Health by Teresa Mitchell, which is from her chapter in the fifteenth edition of Professor Arnold Ehret’s Rational Fasting for Physical, Mental & Spiritual Rejuvenation. This timeless classic includes Ehret’s “Your Road to Regeneration,” “Definite Cure of Chronic Constipation,” plus illuminating writings by Ehret’s disciples Fred S. Hirsch as well as the author of this preface, Teresa Mitchell. Rational Fasting for Physical, Mental & Spiritual Rejuvenation can be purchased in our store or on Amazon. Click here:  Rational Fasting.


My Road to Health Teresa Mitchell – Preface

Health is within everyone’s grasp – all we need to do is reach for it. for the past twenty five years and I shall remain so until the end of my days. My greatest desire is to share with others the wonderful results I have gained, both in physical and mental health.

The experiences outlined in the following article, My Road to Health, are of course all true. Were I to continue re-writing these experiences for the next ten years, the wording and the phrasing might be improved, but the truth must always remain the same. I shall always consider my experiences with the Ehret diet the greatest accomplishment of my entire life!

When I think of the benefits that could accrue to the human race were we to renounce the foods of present day civilization and return to a diet of natural, un-adulterated foods such as taught by Prod. Ehret, my heart becomes heavy and find it almost more than I can bear. The problem, therefore, is, how to convince others of these truths. I can only hope that I have been the means of pointing the way even in some small degree.

It is the average person that I am anxious to reach so that they may be led, ever so gently, on to the right path in matters of diet. I consider the Mucusless Diet Healing System so great a benefaction to mankind, that I feel it should have all the publicity possible, not for monetary gain, but for more noble and humanitarian reasons, and the love of our fellow man..

Health is within everyone’s grasp – all we need to do is reach for it. Perhaps it will be difficult in the beginning,it might even take considerably longer than we would like, but in the end, our efforts will surely be crowned with the energy that radiates from a healthy body and which ultimately brings success and happiness.

Teresa Mitchell

my road to health teresa mitchell