Robert A. Miller – Rational Fasting – Introduction

Theories of life abound, but the immutable laws by which humans, all organisms, and the universe function have not changed over the past century, nor the millennia. If you desire true health an inner contentment seek out what actually works, and indeed, what has always worked.

In this classic, and inspirational book, Prof. Arnold Ehret reminds us of our innate ability to heal any ailment, and live the “Paradise Health” that is each of our birthright. He states clearly and simply the basic tenets by which all living beings lead vibrant, pain-free, disease free lives, yet humans seem to have forgotten.

RATIONAL FASTING and its companion THE MUCUSLESS DIET HEALING SYSTEM have inspired millions, since their first publication in the 1910’s, to live a life brimming with health. They are the catalysts that inspired many prominent people in today’s raw foods revolution such as Joe Alexander, Gabriel Cousens, MD, Dick Gregory, Aris Latham, Steve Meyerowitz, David Wolfe, and more.

To fast correctly and form dietary and life style habits which bring truly robust health, one must gain the proper knowledge and have the courage to carry it fourth. Ehret provides us with both. In the present misinformation age, where disease consciousness and nutritional confusion are the norm, his convictions are more needed than ever.

How many fasters have lived with this book close at hand, highlighted its words, dog-eared its pages, and felt Ehret’s passion for a vital life? How many have understood Ehret’s desire that the highest levels of health which he attained, could and should be attained for all?

One of Prof. Ehret’s oft repeated maxims was, “what ever simple reason cannot grasp is humbug, however scientific it may sound.” Can sense be made of today’s interminable wash of health advice – new surgery, miracle drug, alternative therapy, co-enzime, neutracutical, high-protein diet, etc. The medical science and alternative health practices spew an endless litany of theories and techniques oblivious to, or barely aware of, the unchanging laws of health. The results have been at best short-term alleviations of symptoms, and at worst detrimental and deadly.

When making decisions, look at what actually works. Rather than accepting the hype and feeling stunned by today’s media-daze, find out what results people are in fact getting. If they are not receiving the results you want, don’t listen to them and certainly don’t do what they say!

Evidence the “War on Cancer.” Since this campaign began in 1971, despite loudly heralded medical advances, annual cancer deaths in America have more than doubled to one out of three today. Regarding the typical treatment, how often has it been said, “The cure is worse than the disease.” Over 100 billion dollars is wanted each year, and the “War” has proven to be a cruel hoax pulling at the heartstrings and emptying the pockets of suffers and their families alike.

In contrast, many have cured themselves of this scourge by fasting and closely following a raw vegan diet (no animals or animal-products) or living foods diet; modern terms for Professor Ehret’s musousless diet. The same is true of every disease, and Prof. Ehret explains plainly and concisely why.

This book is about attaining full “Paradise Health.” It is not about “modernization.” If you want a moderate amount of health, then follow its directions moderately. But if you desire a buoyant and glowingly vital life, follow its directions in full. All people, no matter what their age and situation, can and should have this. When it comes to health, there is no valor in compromise.

RATIONAL FASTING is the light which for me illuminated the path to deep-seeded well being. It brought me clearly to the realizations that cooked and processed foods are poisons; that the only real foods for humans are fresh, uncooked fruits and vegetables; that fasting is the law of cure by which all the community of life heal; and that true health can only be achieved by one’s own energies and actions. I am so humbly thankful because today I enjoy a level of robust health undreamed of in my earlier life. This is the experience of so many in the burgeoning raw foods movement, for whom Ehret continues to be an inspirational beacon.

If you understand Prof. Arnold ehret’s simple and truthful message, then take action and live it. Take the knowledge, be wise in your decisions, remain undeterred by the naysayers (who will often be those closest to you), be inspired, and achieve your “Paradise Health.” With a little effort you will find many who support you along the way. Today there are raw food restaurants, raw food retreats, fasting centers, growers of high-quality organic fruits and vegetables, uncook books, raw food pot luck dinners, and raw food support groups across the world. Just be sure they are following the tenets herein.

There is no single greater contribution you can make to your health and the well being of the Earth than to fast and live a raw vegan diet. It is the quiet revolution, and slowly and steadily it is happening.

Enjoy this book! I hope it will inspire you, as it has me, to create the physically, mentally, and spiritually vibrant life we deserve.

Robert A. Miller
March 6, 2000

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Rational Fasting for Physical, Mental & Spiritual Rejuvenation.

This is the new introduction by Robert A. Miller from the fifteenth edition of Professor Arnold Ehret’s Rational Fasting for Physical, Mental & Spiritual Rejuvenation. This timeless classic includes Ehret’s Your Road to Regeneration, the Definite Cure of Chronic Constipation plus illuminating writings by Ehret disciples Fred S. Hirsch and Teresa Mitchell. Rational Fasting for Physical, Mental & Spiritual Rejuvenation can be purchased on line from Ehret Literature Publishing Company. Click HERE for more.