• Have you ever had trouble sticking to a healthy diet?
  • Have you struggled to lose weight only to gain it back?
  • Have you tried using a natural lifestyle to overcome debilitating illnesses, but were unable to stop eating harmful foods?

The reason you haven’t been successful is because you haven't had the proper guidance or the right dietary SYSTEM.

  • THE GOOD NEWS IS . . .

I know the perfect diet coach for you! 

Professor Spira is a long-time practitioner and expert of Arnold Ehret's Mucusless Diet Healing System, and he is now offering diet and lifestyle coaching to people serious about their health.

Using the mucusless diet, Professor Spira lost over 110 pounds, got off of his pharmaceutical medications, and overcame many physical ailments, including:


At age 19 I was in college, 280lbs, and suffering from a string of health problems.

He Suffered From:

  • Daily Migraine Headaches
  • Frequent Ear Infections
  • Sleep Apnea
  • Painful Acid Reflux
  • Allergies
  • Joint Pain in Right Hand and Knee
  • Yearly bouts of Bronchitis
  • Constant Cold and Flu-like Symptoms
  • Dry Itchy Skin
  • Chronic Constipation
  • Ear Infections
  • Bad Body Odor

He used:

  • Tylenol and Advil almost everyday
  • Over-the-Counter Cold and Flu Medicines
  • Daily Prescription Medications Like Allegra for Allergies
  • Prescription Migraine Medicine
  • A C-PAP Oxygen Unit during Sleep by age 18
  • Pepto-Bismol after Most Meals
  • Penicillin for Bronchitis and Ear Infections
  • Fiber Supplements for Constipation
  • Lotions for Skin
  • Extra Strength Deodorant for Body Odor
  • Diet Pills/Supplements to try and Shed Pounds

Message from Prof. Spira:

"Although I had played Varsity Football in High School, I gained 30 pounds in my Freshman Year of college. After trying many fad diets and gimmicks from TV or men’s health magazines, I was convinced that I just could not lose weight. That I was "BIG BONED" and biologically prone to be big.

And my mother had suffered many illnesses before passing on–so I thought that I was genetically destined to be sick.

But, in 2002 I met someone who changed my life forever. He had adopted a lifestyle for over 30 years that helped him overcome his illnesses and give him endless vitality. He was convinced that I could do the same.

To say the least, I was skeptical. I had worked so hard and tried everything I could to lose weight. And I always followed the doctor’s orders whenever I took my medications. What did my new friend know that doctors, pharmacists, and nutritionists didn’t? What information could he give me that would truly transform my life for the better?

My friend told me about two books written in the early 1900s by a German dietitian who ran successful healing and detoxification clinics. He was renowned for saving the lives of people diagnosed as incurable by the medical authorities. In fact, he was on his own deathbed when he healed himself and unlocked one of the secrets to health and vitality.

I was still skeptical, but I decided to read the two short books.


This had been the no nonsense, easy to understand, straight forward information about health that I had been seeking for years."

After applying the secret principles found in these rare books, I


Left: taken in September 2002 for my University of Cincinnati Resident Adviser ID badge. I weighed 280 pounds and suffered from numerous ailments. This is when I began to change my eating habits and overall lifestyle.

Right: taken September 2003 for my newer Resident Adviser ID. By this point I had lost 110 pounds, overcame my health issues, and gained a level of vitality that I thought I could never achieve

Soon my friends and family wanted to know what I did to make such a stunning transformation. Before long I was helping them transform their health, and I can do the same for YOU!


Brian Stern

After receiving a consultation with Professor Spira I was able to take my practice of the MDHS to a new level. I am the only person in my personal network at this time who is truly investing this type of effort into their physiological health and so the only support I had was from re-reading his book and Ehret's. Speaking face to face with an advanced practitioner was key and a true blessing on my journey because not only was I able to get valuable questions answered, I felt a major personal conviction that I was in the right moment at the right time; this was a huge catalyst for my progression. Practicing the MDHS is such a personal and introspective journey most of the time and having that opportunity to express my thoughts and communicate proved to be invaluable for my success. I'm looking forward to following up for another in the future!

Brian Stern, Yoga Instructor and Musician
Samantha Claire

Thank you for blessing me! Your recipes are incredible and have given me a new purpose. I'm LOVING it! You truly are amazing. You have done nothing but given all you can to help me and I truly appreciate this. Thank you for feeding me.

Samantha Claire, Pianist and Mucusless Diet Practitioner
Anthony Bahlibi

When I first contacted Professor Spira for help in practicing the Mucusless Diet, I had many addictions as well as obstructions in my system. I knew it would not be an easy road for me to get started, and I needed help. Professor Spira was able to give me the techniques I needed to start getting out uneliminated feces, black sludge, worms, and mucoid plaquing from my colon and intestines. Within a year I was completely stabilized and elated to be a lifetime practitioner of the Mucusless Diet Healing System. I felt that good! I also had gained the ability to take this system seriously. He then was able to further guide me in dealing with mental and emotional disturbances, social problems and holidays, as well as work and school issues.

His guidance was critical in helping me navigate a world of mucus, pus, and addictions. It has been almost three years now, and I have the vision and ability to practice steadfastly now. Over the three years he has been available when I need to help me navigate new experiences and challenges whenever they arise. I feel great, my vitality has increased dramatically, and every aspect of my life has become healthier.

Professional guidance in the transition diet is almost required in order to really understand the science and practice behind the system. I would encourage anyone to contact Professor Spira to take their health to a vital level!

Anthony Bahlibi, Mucusless Diet Practitioner and Egyptian Yoga Expert
Georgia Barretto

Spira has experienced cleansing on a higher level and passes those experiences to us. He teaches us by EXAMPLE and not only by WORDS, which is rare to find in the world we live in..

Georgia Barretto, Brazilian Jazz Musician
Nicky Castor Bennett

You've changed my life my brother. I'm currently going through a fast because I have had a very mucused diet in the past which has brought out my eczema again. Your videos and writings have woken me up from the matrix I was living in with my diet. Even when I went vegan I was still having skin issues, but after seeing what you have to say about mucus, and why you have to decrease it, it all makes sense.

Nicky Castor Bennett, Health-seeker

Are You Ready to Make the Best Health Decision of the Year? You have absolutely nothing to lose . . . except pounds of waste!

For a limited time, talk with Prof. Spira about your individual needs, challenges, and questions. Skype, telephone, or in-person consultations available! Choose from a variety of coaching options.

  • Order a single hour-long "power" consultation session that can set you on the right track for weeks to come.
  • Or save money with a bi-weekly or monthly coaching package. Each weekly or monthly package includes a one hour-long phone or Skype meeting per week as well as email support when you need it.
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