An Introduction to the Mucusless Diet Healing System

by Professor Spira


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Disclaimer: My views about, and experiences with the human body may challenge everything that you have been taught about the body. It is necessary for you to free your mind of the many erroneous medical and naturopathic concepts before we get started. Don’t just take my word for it. I encourage you to ask questions and research this topic for yourself. The only way that you can truly “know” something is to do it.

General Introductory Principles

Lesson One

Every disease, no matter what name it is known by medical science, is



  • Constipation is a clogging up of the entire pipe system of the human body with mucus and pus.
  • Special accumulation points are the tongue, the stomach, and particularly the entire digestive tract. The latter is the real and deeper cause of bowel constipation.
  • The average person has as much as ten to twenty pounds of uneliminated feces in their digestive tract. This waste is continually poisoning the bloodstream and the entire body system. Think of it!
  • Every sick person has a mucus-clogged system derived from undigested, uneliminated, unnatural food substances that are accumulated since childhood.
  • The Mucusless Diet Healing System has proven to be the most successful “compensation-action” and so-called “cure” against every type of disease known to mankind.
    • By its systematic application thousands of patients that are declared to be incurable could be saved.



  • The Mucusless Diet consists of all kinds of raw and cooked fruits, starchless vegetables, and cooked or raw, mostly green-leaf vegetables.
  • The Mucusless Diet Healing System is a combination of individually advised long and short-term fasts, menus that progressively change to non-Mucus-Forming Foods, and daily colon irrigation.
    • This diet alone can heal every case of disease without fasting, although such a cure would require a longer time.


It is a systematic way of eating to transition your self safely away from disease producing foods.



What are Mucus-Forming Foods?

Dead animal products

Dairy Products

Grains, Starches, and Fats

What do you eat?

I am systematically transitioning my diet to fruits and greenleaf vegetables. Ultimately these foods will eliminate the need for themselves.


gorillaBut how do you get protein and vitamins?

I do not believe in the protein theory. The body does not need anything to be a body. You cannot feed an atom protein, or anything else, and we are made up of a bunch of atoms. The body does not get its energy from food or the nutrients found in food. If you break your addiction to so-called “protein (mucus) foods” you will feel much better and see at once how wrong this theory is.







Why do I need colon irrigation?

The human organism is the filthiest being on the planet. No other animal has broken the physiological laws of nature as terribly as humans have. Because of our condition, it is very helpful to irrigate our colons periodically to rectify the physiological laws that we and our ancestors have been breaking for thousands of years. Arnold Ehret recommended using enemas hygienically to clear the slime off the walls of the intestines. This slime is largely the residue of pus- and mucus-forming foods. We have found lemon juice enemas to be very helpful in loosening and pulling out wastes internally. For details on how to do a lemon enema, see my book Spira Speaks: Dialogs and Essays on the Mucusless Diet Healing System






=logo-12-232x300Physiological Freedom




What do you mean by “physiological law?”

I often say that the “world was flat until we realized that it was round.” A law is an undeniable truth that is invariable under any given circumstance. Most of us agree upon a law we’ve chosen to call gravity. We agree that if a person jumps off of the top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France, with no technological apparatus, that he or she will fall and die because of the tremendous impact with the ground due to gravity (regardless of any belief system). This is an example of a “rediscovered” law that we all are conscious of.

In the late 1800’s Professor Arnold Ehret rediscovered the most important, fundamental, and misunderstood universal law regarding human physiology: that our bodies are “air-gas engines!” He realized that no matter what we eat, air is our fundamental food. He then established the equation Vitality = Power – Obstruction (V=P-O) to demonstrate this law. Like breaking the law of gravity, if you break this physiological law you will undoubtedly suffer, sooner or later. It does not matter whether you disagree with the law, believe in the law, consciously ignore the law, or just not know what it is. You will not be granted a verdict of “not guilty” due to a technicality. It is your duty and privilege to investigate and know the law.

You have the right to stop eating. If you give up this right it will be held against you in accordance with the physiological laws of universe.


What is meant by V=P-O?

If you were to put sand into the gas chamber of your car how far do you think your car would go? If your car engine is caked with gunk because you have not had the oil changed in years how well does the car work? Chances are it would work much better if gasoline was used instead of sand and the gunk (obstruction) was eliminated with a good oil change. If the basic laws are ignored the obstruction in the engine becomes too great and it cannot function and ultimately stops (dies).

The engine of your body acts in the same way. Your body is an air-gas engine that was never designed to intake mucus-forming foods. Over time these mucus-forming foods create so much obstruction that our bodies can no longer receive efficient amounts of oxygen into our bloodstream. 

This obstruction is then given some kind of name such as: heart-attack, stroke, high cholesterol, etc. To describe this basic principle, Arnold Ehret created the equation Vitality=Power-Obstruction, i.e. V=P-O. As soon as Obstruction (O) becomes greater than the body’s Power (P), deriving from the breath, the body comes to a standstill.



If air is the most important thing, why do we eat?

The first thing that we must do is humble ourselves, look ourselves in the mirror and admit that we are pathologically sick beings addicted to the ultimate gateway drug: pus and mucus-forming foods. We must eliminate the erroneous medical dogmas that we have been forced fed since childhood.

I know that I am addicted to the most insidious drug that the human body could ever consume: pus and mucus. What can I do about my addiction? I can read the Mucusless Diet Healing System and start to transition away from mucus forming foods. I can begin to administer lemon enemas to myself everyday and learn how to lie down and fast (refrain from eating solid food) when it is necessary.

The only reason that we eat is to control our bodily elimination.



What about pharmaceutical medications?

The human body is not designed to use the chemicals in medicine whatsoever. In most cases, medications are chemical poisons that shock your body, forcing it to stop its current elimination and deal with the new poison. Therefore you suppress your current symptoms and go on about your day like everything is normal. Ignoring our eliminations through suppression will not make the problem go away. The only way to eliminate what we call sickness is to eliminate the mucus from our bodies and diets.


I thought that jello was wholesome! Isn’t that what they serve sick patients in the hospital?

Jello is made out of ground up bones, hooves and other parts of animals. Needless to say it is pure filth and not fit for human consumption, much less hospital patients who desperately need some lemon enemas, fruits, vegetables, and prescribed fasts.


How long should I fast!

You must naturally learn how to fast over a long period of time. As you gain experience, you will learn the length that is right for you. The cleaner your body gets the easier it will be to fast. Whenever you go through a mucus elimination (get sick) you should immediately stop eating mucus, FAST! If you would like to avoid adding to your current latent sicknesses then it is advised that the art of fasting be learned without delay. It is highly recommended that you read the Mucusless Diet Healing System and Rational Fasting before doing any fasting. 



new-kindle-annotated-cover_email-size-200x300 rational-fasting_smaller-200x300Just Fruit? Vegetables?

Mucusless fruits and vegetables are really the only foods fit for human consumption. The purpose of eating these foods is to aid the body in its elimination of pus and mucus. When not fasting, fruits and vegetables should be eaten everyday. Fruit act as an aggressive dissolver of mucus , while vegetables function as a mucus broom in the intestines to help the body eliminate the dissolved waste. However, as a HEALING SYSTEM, there are a number of mucus-forming foods that you can and should use. See the “Transition Diet” in the Mucusless Diet Healing System for details. 


What about air and food pollution?

It’s interesting when people ask me about surviving as a “Breathairean” or doing long fasts in our polluted environment. I look at them and say that we are both standing here surviving exclusively on air right now. Just because I practice the mucusless diet does not mean that my body’s operations are any different from the ‘Burper King’ Devotee or ‘Taco Hell’ patient. The difference is that my operations will not likely be stopped by thick pus in a few years.

Food, no matter what it is or how it was grown, is only doing one of two things; its either adding mucus and acids to the body, or eliminating it and alkalizing. I acknowledge that our foods are messed up, but I believe that the concern needs to stay on the food’s ability to aid the body’s elimination of mucus and acids. Of course, if you are accustomed to organic fruits and vegetables, and can afford it, then that is great! However, I would immediately stop taking any nutritional supplements and put that money into big boxes of apples, oranges, lemons, and distilled water. 


Why doesn’t anybody else know about this? Why hasn’t this information been on Oprah or 60 Minutes?

Congratulations! You have been given a very rare opportunity indeed. You are one of the first people to be exposed to the most important rediscovery of the 20th and 21st centuries! We are living in a very degenerate age that is best described as the latter part of the middle-ages. A time when death and the eating of death is deemed to be totally normal! We are all a part of a worldwide death culture that is dedicated to chaos, ignorance, stimulation, and self-degeneration.

As Gil Scott-Heron said, “THE REVOLUTION WILL NOT BE TELEVISED!” Since Ehret’s rediscovery in the late 1800’s, pioneering individuals in the American Midwest have continued his work and are the living examples of its truth. Thousands of people around the world are forming mucusless communities. These people are all vessels of real human knowledge. As Brother Air says “if you do not know how your body operates you can be told anything.”

Since Ehret’s rediscovery, the media controllers have done everything in their power to suppress the work of Arnold Ehret and other naturopaths. Every day we are bombarded with erroneous health information and are bamboozled into believing that we do not control 100% of our health through what we put into our bodies. The implications and acceptance of Ehret’s work would ultimately lead to the abolition of the medical, meat, and dairy industries, among others. Eventually, the current system of capitalism would be rendered useless and the Earth’s people would return back to the mythical “Garden of Eden,” one of the universal paradise myths shared by many divergent cultures.


But I love to eat! I don’t think that I could ever stop eating. It tastes too good. I love food with a passion. You are wrong, you have to be, right? Shouldn’t a diet be well balanced? Eating is a part of my culture and heritage and I refuse be preached to!?

I am in no way, shape, or form telling you to just stop eating. I’m not preaching about what is good and bad for you, or what you should believe in. I am a humble musician, professor, philosopher, and mucusless diet practitioner with the obligation to share these newly rediscovered laws with you. I am challenging you with profound information that has the power to transform your life, not only physically, but emotionally and spiritually. Only you can transform this information into knowledge, and evolve it into wisdom. My words mean nothing unless you decide to be proactive and investigate these principles for yourself. No matter what you decide to do, you have been chosen to receive this information NOW. And right NOW, armed with the knowledge of these physiological laws, you have a wonderful opportunity to question and investigate the limitless potential of the human body.




What is Inside of Us?








What Does This Mucus Do?



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What is there to eat?


apples-300x225 cabbage-300x298 girls-eating-fruit-salad1






Peace, Love, and Breath!

-Prof. Spira

Followers of Ehret’s work come from all walks of life. People suffering chronic illnesses often seek out Ehret’s methods as a last resort, while athletic raw foodists and aspiring vegans praise Ehret’s work for its brilliant simplicity, revelutionary views on human physiology/nutrition, and for forming a transitional system toward what truly is The ORIGINAL Vegan Diet.

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