Fast Breaking Techniques

The following introduction is an excerpt from my book Spira Speaks: Essays and Dialogs on the Mucusless Diet Healing System

Sent by Samantha Claire on December 15, 2011

Thank you my brother!

So thinking about breaking the fast, what do you recommend to break a fast with? I remember reading a paper you wrote about fasting and how to not break it with mucus-producing foods and breaking it with fruit can lead to more intense craving. What do you usually do? How long does it take for your body to get back in to the swing of eating full meals? Does it take you several days to get back?

Spira’s Response:
Sent by Prof. Spira on December 16, 2011

Fast breaking technique depends upon your condition. In the early days, I treated myself as an extremely toxic patient and went for a good and laxative combination salad as discussed in the Mucusless Diet. For a GI track with less toxicity, fruit is preferable. Again, in the early days, I learned to break it with a salad and would then get into some serious transitional meals including raw and cooked vegetables. I would then move toward a default diet of fruit juice for breakfast, fruit meal at lunch, and a transitional meal at night. I found this to be an important stage of my transition, as I was able to systematically begin permanently eliminating my addiction to mucus-forming foods. Once you feel that you are over major humps, like you could never eat or crave meat and dairy again, then fruit is advisable.

Transitioning Back into Eating

Brother Air broke his first 9½-month fast with a piece of watermelon, which put him to sleep immediately. After watching how he functioned after this, I decided that I would do a slow transition from juice to solid fruit over a long period of time when I did my first long fast. During the transition, there was a time when the line between juice and solid food was blurred, as my juices got thicker and became more like smoothies. By the time I ate my first salad, my intestines were ready.


Another more advanced option is to shift from fruit juice to juice and solid fruits. This is more of a mucusless fruitarian program or fruit fast. In the early days, I could fast on fruit juice, but solid fruit would make me crave mucus, which is why I advocate jumping into a progressive transitional program. This is one of the fundamental issues that I see with many “raw-food” advocates. They try to skip over the cooked, mucusless vegetable phases and often end up strung out on fatty nuts and avocados. Or worse, they go back to meat.

These are just some examples of possible approaches to breaking a fast. Your own condition and goals should help you decide. Is your goal to get deep into a transition period or to only briefly break the fast and return back to fasting? Do you aspire to spend some time totally mucusless after your fast? In either case, an enema is highly advisable to help pull the toxic waste out.

Well done with the fast. You did not know it, but Bro Air, Baby Babaji, you, and I were all fasting at the same time. Strong vibes!

Peace, Love, and Breath!

-Prof. Spira


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