Raising a Baby Mucuslessly

Below is a discussion about details of the topic raising a child on Arnold Ehret’s Mucusless Diet Healing System (the ORIGINAL Vegan Lifestyle).

Raising a Baby on the Mucusless Diet

Written by Tony on June 1, 2013

There is something I am wondering if its possible if you can find out about. A lot of people have asked me about raising a newborn and child on this path. I know brother Air did that.

I am wondering if :

  1. Can a child be raised completely mucusless or do mucuslean option get involved like sweet potatoes?
  2. Does a child raised on this diet, get any of the various child illnesses? For example kids get fevers and sickness while teeth are coming in. Most of my friends kids get fevers, colds, etc. a few times a year; and by the time they are 3+ get flues, strep throat, chicken pox, etc. throughout the years. Do mucusless kids get any of these things?



It is Possible to do, But Parents Should Be Experienced Practicing the Mucusless Diet Healing System

Written by Prof. Spira on June 2, 2013

Children can certainly be put on the Mucusless Diet Healing System and transitioned. This is a topic that I’ve not talked about much, so I’m working on some new materials that will get into it deeper in the future. I’ve talked about this with mothers of mucusless children quite a bit, as well as Brother Air, who raised his son on the Mucusless Diet from birth.

raising a baby

Brother Air and His Son Baby Babaji Making Music at the Detroit Jazz Festival (2013)

From my perspective, the parents must be serious practitioners of Ehret’s “transition diet” for them to have a chance intuitively transitioning their children as well. The parent can’t eat one way or be bogged down with conflicting nutritional theories in their heads and expect to transition their children effectively, or heal them from debilitating illnesses naturally. As Brother Air often pointed out, even hardcore mucusless diet people sometimes became scared when it came to transitioning their children naturally. But, having a child will certain test the conviction and knowledge of the parents. But, if the mother is clean, then she should be able to breast feed for a long time. Also, great transitional menus can be created from fruits in the form of juices, smoothies, or purees.

You can Learn about the Art of Transitioning from Babies

When you think about it, as children we are transitioned from a liquid diet into solid food gradually over time (optimal solid foods would mucus-free fruits and vegetables). Human breast milk is much closer to fruit juice or coconut water than the cooked (pasteurized) milk of an animal intended for a 100 lb. baby calf.

But, as a friend of mine just pointed out when we recently looked up the terrible mess (ingredients) in baby formulas, our children are transitioned into pus and processed mucus-forming foods gradually. Humans actually physiologically prepare their babies to eat, and withstand, poison.

raising a baby

From what I’ve heard, babies raised on the mucusless diet rarely cry and rarely go through illnesses that resemble anything like a mucus eating child. These children have never been vaccinated and have never had any illness that even resembles the maladies they are said to prevent.

However, depending on inherited physiological weaknesses (genetic weaknesses), they may go through some unique symptoms of elimination. Yet, since they know how to fast intuitively when they are going through something, it usually does not last long.

Some interesting thinkers have reasoned that children are physically and emotionally designed to go through most of their eliminations before age 7. I know that I suffered a great deal with mucus problems as an infant, but I don’t really remember the pain of my illnesses until I was six or seven. Meaning, if a baby or young child has the opportunity to go through terrible eliminations as a young person, then they may be able to regenerate themselves before really being able to consciously remember going through the suffering. Kind of a karmic dynamic of the unfolding process that is infancy/childhood on this planet.

But, from a natural healing perspective, drugs and mucus-eating tend to suppress important eliminations and potential regeneration, ultimately leading to many chronic forms of illness down the road.

Here is an important clip from our old radio show where we talked with a pregnant mother who had 5 vegan pregnancies while practicing the Mucusless Diet:

Practicing the Mucusless Diet during Pregnancy


Dr. Robert Morse has talked about raising and healing babies on a mucus-free “raw foods” diet quite a bit in some of his Youtube videos, and has many case studies of children healing and then flourishing on what I view as a mucusless diet, and he labels “raw foods.” Here is one interesting discussion he has with a women experienced giving her child raw, mucus-free foods: www.rawfigs.com/babies. Also see this discussion on the dangers of unnatural baby formulas: www.rawfigs.com/formulas

First, Get on the Transition and Then Let the Experience Guide You with Your Babies

In sum, if someone wants to raise a child on the mucusless diet, they should be an experienced practitioner. Brother Air had been into the diet almost 15 years before he had a child. And his wife had transitioned for at least a year, on top of already having been vegetarian. If parents know how to transition and heal themselves, they can safety transition a baby. Also, there are a fair amount of mothers I personally know that have had children and practice the mucusless diet. They are just not always very public in the world of social media, websites, book authors, etc., which means they tend to only be found by other mucusless diet practitioners.

This is an important subject, and I do look forward to more mucusless mothers and fathers sharing their stories.

Peace, Love, and Breath!

Prof. Spira

 Brother Air and his son Baby Babaji Make Music at the Asili Museum 

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