For some reason, people continue to misinterpret Arnold Ehret’s message. Although he emphasizes a transition diet which progressively moves toward mucus-free menus, people frame Ehret as the ‘fruit diet’ guy who recommends indiscriminate long fruit fasts. This is not true. Ehret urges people to use great caution while moving toward the fruit level, as it is the most powerful food and aggressive detoxifier. People also frame Ehret as someone who recommends radical fasting cures. This is also not true. Ehret said that he does not endorse long fasts for most patients. Further, the genius of ‘Rational Fasting’ and the ‘Regeneration Diet’ is that short-term, intermittent fasting is used systematically with a mucus-free diet to gain safe and effective results.

Recently, Ehret has been getting some bad press with the death of Steve Jobs and hospitalization of Ashton Kutcher who, in an attempt at some misguided method acting, ate a radical fruit diet for his portrayal of Jobs in an upcoming movie. Let it be clear, Ehret would not have advocated a long-term fruit period, especially without a systematic transition and a clearing out of the intestines through natural laxatives and/or colon irrigation.

Here is what Ehret has to say:

Fasting When Used in Connection With the Mucusless Diet Healing System

As I have stated before, I am no longer in favor of long fasts. In fact it may become criminal to let a patient fast for 30 or 40 days on water—contracting the avenues of circulation, which are continually filled up more and more with mucus and by dangerous old drugs and poisons, and at the same time rotten blood from his old “stock;” in fact actually starving form necessary vital food elements . No one can stand a fast of that kind without disadvantage or without harming his vitality.

If fasting is to be used at all, then start at first with the non-breakfast plan; then follow with the 24-hour fast for a while; then gradually increase up to 3, 4 or 5-day fasts, eating between fasts for 1, 2, 3 or 4 days a mucusless diet, combined individually as an elimination adjustment, and at the same time supplying and rebuilding the body continually with and by the best elements contained in and found only in mucusless foods.

Thru such an intermittent fast the blood is gradually improved, regenerated, can more easily stand the poisons and waste, and is able at the same time to dissolve and eliminate “disease depos­its” from the deepest tissues of the body; deposits that no doctor ever dreamed existed, and that no other method of healing has ever discovered or can ever remove.[Spira160]

This, then, is the Mucusless Diet Healing System, with fasting an essential part of it. (Mucusless Diet Healing System).

Regarding fruit diet, he adds

To the average layman raw food reacts more or less mysteriously—as long as it is mixed with your own mucus—as long as it stirs up mucus and its toxemias in the unclean diseased body and eliminates these poisons. All laymen and experts covering the entire dietetical movement up to the present time, are puzzled, confused, ignorant and still in complete darkness of the fact that in general the average man first becomes worse, sometimes developing boils and all kinds of sores—starts what he believes is a correct and best diet—living on a radical fruit, mucusless or raw-food diet.

You have learned that even the best foods which have the highest, most vigorous healing properties can be­come harmful, even dangerous in the beginning, if not carefully used; that they become mixed with the filthy mucus and poisons which they loosen up in the body, and thereby become poisoned, enter­ing the blood stream in this poisoned condition.

And as for the transition

Everything is perfectly performed by Nature thru evolutional, progressive changes, developments and accomplishments and not by catastrophies. Nothing is more incorrect than the mistaken idea that a decades old chronic disease can be healed thru a very long fast, or a radically extended strict fruit diet. “Nature’s mills grind slow but sure.”

My experience of over twenty years, covering for the most part the extremely severe cases of all kinds of diseases, has proven that a carefully selected and progressively changed TRANSITION DIET is the best and surest way for every patient to start a cure, especially for the average mixed eater. As long as wrong foods (foods of civilization  are partly used, I call it a MUCUS-LEAN DIET. Transition means the slow change from disease-producing foods to disease-healing foods, which latter I call the MUCUSLESS DIET.

The speed of elimination depends upon quantities and qualities of food and can therefore be controlled and regulated according to the condition of the patient.

. . . The reason doctors and even Naturopaths in general, as well as the layman, do not believe in a FRUIT diet or MUCUSLESS diet, is simply this: Whoever experiments without experience with this diet of healing, whether sick or well, loses his faith immediately, as soon as he has a crisis, becomes what he believes to be “seriously ill,” that is to say, a day on which a great amount of dissolved waste, debris, mucus and other poisons are taken back into the circulation, a day of great elimination. This produces at the same time a strong, almost irresistible craving for wrong foods and, strange as it may seem, the patient most strongly craves for the wrong food which was once his favorite. This is explained by the fact that Nature is eliminating thru the circulation the waste of these foods, and it is when they are in the circulation the craving and desire is naturally enough produced. (Mucusless Diet Healing System).

Ehret did not suggest radical fasting cures, strict raw-food regimens, or long periods of fruit dieting for people who have toxic bodies and without a systematic change over a necessary period of time. What separates Ehret from other vegan, raw-food, or fruit fasting gurus is his sophisticated yet simple transitional system. The principles of this system can be applied to accomplish short-term and long-term goals. From my observation and experience, the transition is the key to healing and sustaining higher levels of plant-based living for decades.

I have heard mixed things about the nature of Steve Jobs’ diet. Some reports suggest that he experimented with radical fasting cures with little transition after reading Ehret’s works and became very frail and sickly. Others say that his mostly vegan lifestyle is what allowed him to live as long as he did before bending to the whims of the medical authorities. Regardless, fruit was not the cause of Jobs’ issues. From what I see, a longer and deeper transition was necessary. The same is true for Kutcher, who presumably went from a Standard American Diet to fruit fasting with no mucus-free transitional periods or colon irrigation. Doing so is a prescription for ending up in the emergency room.

Transition, Transition, Transition! It is all about the transition. Learn to do so properly, and you can achieve remarkable things in the realm of mucus-free plant-based living and healing.

Peace, Love, and Breath!

-Prof. Spira

Author of “Spira Speaks: Dialogs and Essays about the Mucusless Diet Healing System.”

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