How to “Get Out of Your Head” and Find Your Passion!

In the above video I discuss the importance of learning how to “get out of your head” and “get out of your own way” while practicing the Mucusless Diet Healing System. Find your passion and do it!

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Learning to Get Out of Your Head

It is important to learn how to “get out of your head” and “get out of your own way” while practicing the Mucusless Diet Healing System. Have you ever obsessively said something like this to yourself over and over:

  • What should I eat?
  • Am I Healthy?
  • Am I hungry?
  • Am I fat/skinny?
  • Is this food clean enough?
  • Is this organic enough?
  • What if the chem-trails hurt my food?
  • Should I eat at 11:30am or 12pm?
  • How many times a day should I eat?
  • Am I still cleansing if I eat mucus-forming foods?
  • Should I stay raw or cook some vegetables?
  • Why can’t I just eat fruit forever?
  • How long should I fast?
  • Why can THEY do that impressive stuff, but I can’t seem to do it?
  • And so on . . .

We all might ask some of these questions from time to time. But, it is not healthy to constantly be asking and worrying about diet-related things all day, everyday. Diet and clean living should not be a mental obsession, but who you are. Once you commit to the path and study the principles, you are in the club. It is important to then let go and let it all happen. As it is with many things, we learn the fundamentals, and then get to the point where we do it without thinking about it.

I’m not suggesting that we quit thinking about things. On the contrary, I love to get lost in philosophical and analytical thought. Sometimes about diet. However, when I do it is an inspiring and constructive activity, not a worrisome obsession. Constantly worrying about the future or fixating on the past is something that we can learn to let go of in order to be fully present and at peace right now.

Traditional Resources To Help Get Out of Your Head

There are numerous:

  • self-help books
  • confidence and self-esteem building gurus
  • meditation and yogic traditions
  • releasing techniques
  • counceling and psychotherapy
  • spiritual and philosophical concepts
  • etc.

There is so much information and different approaches, that it is overwhelming. But, I’ll try to make it simple later in the article. First, a few powerful resources I’ve used in the past include:

  • The Sedona Method (I used the audio cassettes, and I recommend the CDs. But, the related books are also helpful):
  • Dale Carnegie is one of the father’s of the self-improvement/self-help movement.  Many of his books hold up to this day, and his How to Stop Worrying and Start Living and How to Win Friends and Influence People are classics I enjoyed:
  • The Power of Kabbalah by Michael Moskowitz (this CD set really influenced me in my early days of practicing the diet. A number of concepts I use to explain the Mucusless Diet today come from this CD set:

You must research and find what methods work best for you.

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How to Get Out of Your Head with Passion

My main suggestion is to find your passion and allow yourself to get lost in it. My experience is that if you can find your passion, you can get out of your head at will. First, find a passion other than “diet” or “health.” If you are reading this, I know that you are already passionate about health. It is part of your life, thus you need not obsess over it.

Second, your passion should not be something that would harm yourself or others. It should be something constructive, uplifting, and fun.  It is good to feel as if you could do the activity for hours.

There is a difference between a PASSION and an unhealthy, unproductive OBSESSION.

I have a number of passions. I’m a musician and love to make music, talk about music, write about music, practice music, listen to music, music music, and music. I am a seeker of knowledge and lover of wisdom, which means I love to study numerous subjects and learn as much as I can. I love helping people, writing, creating, educating, etc. When I am able to do something I’m passionate about, I feel as if I have unlimited energy and focus. One of the greatest benefits:

I’m not in my head worrying or obsessing about things when I’m doing what I’m passionate about.  I’m FLOWING!

Finding Your Passion

I need your help with this one. What are you passionate about, other than health or the Mucusless Diet Healing System? In the comment section below, please share what some of your passions are, and methods you use to “get out of your head” and enjoy living life. What can you do for hours without noticing time is even passing?

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Peace, Love, and Breath!

Prof. Spira, Ph.D.
Mucus-free Life LLC