How to Break a Fast

“Lesson 19” Mucusless Diet #3
Fasting Video Series Part 6

How to Break a Fast

A fast is only as successful as how well it is broken. In this above video, we continue the 2017 discussion on Arnold Ehret’s methods for fasting. The full text discussed can be found in both the Mucusless Diet Healing System and Rational Fasting. Click HERE to get all of our books on Amazon:

Wisdom on how to break a fast. It could also be called “how NOT to break a fast!”

Text Discussed from Lesson 19 on “How to Break a Fast”

The right food after a fast is as important and decisive for proper results as the fast itself. At the same time, it depends entirely upon the conditions of the patient, and very much upon the length of the fast. You may learn from the results of the two extreme cases, both of which ended fatally (not from the fast, but from the first wrong meal), just why this KNOWLEDGE is so important.

A one-sided meat eater, suffering from diabetes, broke his fast which lasted about a week by eating dates and died from the effects. A man of over 60 years of age fasted 28 days (too long); his first meal of vegetarian foods consisting mainly of boiled potatoes. A necessary operation showed that the potatoes were kept in the contracted intestines by thick sticky mucus so strong that a piece had to be cut off, and the patient died shortly after the operation.

In the first case, the terrible poisons loosened in the stomach of this one-sided meat eater during his fast, when mixed with the concentrated fruit sugar of the dates, caused at once so great a fermentation with carbonic acid gases and other poisons that the patient could not stand the shock. The correct advice would be: First a laxative, later raw and cooked starchless vegetables, a piece of rough bran bread toast. Sauerkraut is to be recommended in such cases. No fruits should be eaten for a long time after the fast has been broken. The patient should have been prepared for the fast by a longer transition diet.

In the second case, the patient fasted entirely too long for a person of his age without proper preparation. Hot compresses on the abdomen and high enemas might have helped the elimination, together with a strong eliminative laxative and then starchless, mostly raw, vegetables; no fruits for a considerable time.
Through these two very instructive examples you may see how individually different the advice must be, and how wrong it is to make up general suggestions concerning how to break a fast. (-Arnold Ehret in the Mucusless Diet Healing System and Rational Fasting)


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