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The following in an excerpt from a recent interview of Prof. Spira about Arnold Ehret and the Mucusless Diet Healing System by Marcus Vinícius Brasil for the Brazilian technology magazine INFO ( that took place on March 26, 2015:

Marcus Vinícius Brasil’s Question:

Based on the information we have available, do you think that Jobs really was an adept of the Mucusless Diet Healing System?

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Prof. Spira’s Response:

I have respect for Steve Jobs and his interest in Ehret’s work early in his life. I think it is profound that people around the world use Apple products, but do not realize that Ehret’s work played an important part in Job’s inspiration for the title and logo of his company. From that vantage point, I have much love for Jobs. However, as a mucusless diet practitioner, from what I’ve read, it looks as if he fits into the category of people who ignore Ehret’s “transition diet,” and became taken with the idea of being a fruit-only eater right away. I’m certainly no expert on what Jobs did or did not eat, but if the stories are true, then he tried to skip over the important “transition diet,” but Jobs was not alone.

For some reason, people continue to misinterpret Ehret’s message. Although he emphasizes a transition diet which gradually moves toward mucus-free menus, people have tried to become fruitarians overnight, and then blamed Ehret when they have bad results. Ehret urges people to use great caution while moving toward fruit eating, as it is the most powerful food and aggressive detoxifier.

Ehret explained

My experience of over twenty years, covering for the most part the extremely severe cases of all kinds of diseases, has proven that a carefully selected and progressively changed TRANSITION DIET is the best and surest way for every patient to start a cure, especially for the average mixed eater. As long as wrong foods (foods of civilization are partly used, I call it a MUCUS-LEAN DIET. Transition means the slow change from disease-producing foods to disease-healing foods, which latter I call the MUCUSLESS DIET (Annotated Mucusless Diet Healing System).

On radical fruit diets, Ehret said:

To the average layman raw food reacts more or less mysteriously—as long as it is mixed with your own mucus—as long as it stirs up mucus and its toxemias in the unclean diseased body and eliminates these poisons. All laymen and experts covering the entire dietetic movement up to the present time, are puzzled, confused, ignorant and still in complete darkness of the fact that in general the average man first becomes worse, sometimes developing boils and all kinds of sores—starts what he believes is a correct and best diet—living on a radical fruit, mucusless or raw-food diet.

You have learned that even the best foods which have the highest, most vigorous healing properties can become harmful, even dangerous in the beginning, if not carefully used; that they become mixed with the filthy mucus and poisons which they loosen up in the body, and thereby become poisoned, enter¬ing the blood stream in this poisoned condition (Annotated Mucusless Diet Healing System).

Yet, I do not think that Job’s story tarnishes Ehret’s legacy, as long as we learn from the mistakes or misinterpretations others have made along the way. We must learn from Steve Jobs, Stanley Bass, and others who wanted to be fruit-only eaters over night, but did not do the necessary cleansing and transitioning to even begin to sustain these higher levels of eating. Today, there are still many people, like Jobs, who endeavor to use Ehret’s methods to be able to do long fasts or sustain fruit periods in a short period of time. Yet, now that there is a community of practitioners promoting long-term transition, when these folks hit the ceiling, they can fall back on the transition diet. This is helping a lot of people who may have fallen off entirely, not give up and move forward armed with the best transitional information found in the world of plant-based living.

Peace, Love, and Breath!

Prof. Spira

Also see Spira’s full article on Steve Jobs and radical fruit dieting:


Prof. Spira on Steve Jobs, Ashton Kutcher, Arnold Ehret, Radical Raw Fruit Diets, and Transition

ehretThe interviewer, Marcus Vinícius Brasil, is a contributor to the technology magazine INFO (, and webmaster of Hackpedia — — that promotes learning how to use internet coding.




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