Pus and Drugs Must Be Dissolved and Pass Through the Kidneys: “Lesson 18” Mucusless Diet #2

In this above video, I continue my 2017 discussion on Arnold Ehret’s methods for fasting. The text I read can be found in both the Mucusless Diet Healing System and Rational Fasting. Click HERE to get all of Ehret’s and Spira’s books:

In the video, I referenced Gorden Kennedy’s article “Still Ehret.” You can read there here:

Text Discussed from Lesson 18 on “Fasting” and “Rational Fasting” Part 2

I dare say there may not be another person in history that has studied, investigated, tested, and experimented on fasting as much as I did. There is no other expert at present, as far as I know, who conducted so many fasting cures on the most severe cases, as I did. I opened the first special sanitarium in the world for fasting, combined with the mucusless diet, and fasting is an essential part of the Mucusless Diet Healing System. I have likewise made four public scientific tests of fasting of 21, 24, 32, and 49 days, respectively, as a demonstration. The latter test is the world’s record of a fast conducted under a strict scientific supervision of government officials.

You may therefore believe me when I teach something new and instructive about what actually happens in the body during a fast. You learned in Lesson V that the body must first be considered as a machine, a mechanism made of rubber-like material which has been overexpanded during its entire life through overeating. Therefore, the functioning of the organism is continually obstructed by an unnatural overpressure of the blood and on the tissues. As soon as you stop eating, this overpressure is rapidly relieved. The avenues of the circulation contract, the blood becomes more concentrated, and the superfluous water is eliminated. This goes on for the first few days and you may even feel fine; but then the obstructions of the circulation become greater because the diameter of the avenues becomes smaller and the blood must circulate through many parts of the body, especially in the tissues, at and around the symptom, against sticky mucus pressed out and dissolved from the inside walls; in other words,the bloodstream must overcome, dissolve, and carry with itself mucus and poisons for elimination through the kidneys.

When you fast, you eliminate first and at once the primary obstructions of wrong and too much eating. This results in your feeling relatively good, or possibly even better, than when eating, but, as previously explained, you bring new, secondary obstructions from your own waste in the circulation and you feel miserable. You and everyone else blame the lack of food. The next day you can notice with certainty mucus in the urine and when the quantity of waste taken in the circulation, is eliminated, you will undoubtedly feel fine, even stronger than ever before. So it is a well-known fact that a faster can feel better and is actually stronger on the 20th day than on the 5th or 6th day, certainly a tremendous proof that vitality does not depend primarily on food, but rather from an unobstructed circulation (see Lesson V). The smaller the amount of “O” (obstruction), the greater “P” (air pressure), and therefore “V” (vitality).

Through the above enlightening explanation you see that fasting is first, a negative proposition to relieve the body from direct obstructions of solid, most unnatural foods; second, that it is a mechanical process of elimination by contracting tissues pressing out mucus, causing friction and obstruction in the most circulation. The following are examples of vitality from “P,” Power, air pressure alone: One of my first fasters, a relatively healthy vegetarian, walked 45 miles in the mountains on his 24th fasting day.
A friend, 15 years younger, and I walked 56 HOURS CONTINUALLY after a 10-day fast.

A German physician, a specialist in fasting-cures, published a pamphlet entitled, “Fasting, the Increase of Vitality.” He learned the same fact that I did, but he does not know why and how, and vitality therefore remained mysterious for him.

If you drink only water during a fast, the human mechanism cleanses itself, the same as though you would press out a dirty watery sponge, but the dirt in this instance is sticky mucus, and in many cases pus and drugs, which must pass through the circulation until it is so thoroughly dissolved that it can pass through the fine structure of the “physiological sieve” called kidneys. (-Arnold Ehret in the Mucusless Diet Healing System and Rational Fasting)

Kidney Filtration Pictures

Within numerous detoxification social media groups, it has become a popular to share pictures of one’s urine to show the cloudy mucus and waste being eliminated. If one’s kidneys are filtering well during a fast, the urine could have some mucus strands or get cloudy and show sediment. Here are some examples:

kidney filtration

kidney filtration

For more information and to see additional pictures demonstrating urine sediment and mucus strands, see=>



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