Overcoming Marijuana Addiction

Below is a discussion about  overcoming marijuana addiction through practicing the Mucusless Diet Healing System (the ORIGINAL Vegan Lifestyle).

Relapse of Smoking Weed during the Mucusless Diet

Written by Tony on April 13, 2013

Peace Prof Spira. I wanted to reach out to you, as a brother who cares about health and understands this path of cleansing and illumination.

The last 3 days I had a relapse of smoking weed. I have still been raw, about 90-95% Mucusless. Some deep self-discovery has been going on. Strangely, I almost have found raw/cooked mucusless to be more intensive as far as internal cleansing. Raw mucusless makes me feel full most of the time. I have not felt the need to eat a lot, etc. the issue for me has been withdrawal symptoms.

It starts first with resentment. I feel resentment to friends often times. Some of my friends smoke weed and do not feel comfortable to support me as a non-smoker or in taking up more serious health. At the other end, I have friends that don’t smoke but who are more interested in physical displays of building bodily looks and achievements, as far as exercise. For some reason I start feeling resentment and it comes with a feel of loneliness. This usually then leads to me watching television in the evenings more often. Then I find myself wanting to smoke. Once I smoke I binge, then reaffirm through experience that it does not feel good, that I lose my inner peace, and that I feel toxic and separated from my illumination.

This is kind of a zoomed view of the smoking thing. Truly withdrawal from many things is going on, but mainly withdrawal from toxins, leading me to seek avoidance of the experience. Then I sometimes indulge in a toxin. Very much like eating mucus, when dealing with withdrawal, but my addiction is more with smoking.

I want to not relapse again. I want to take my detox to a higher level of efficiency. I want to live in my illuminated state, which I experience maybe 3 days a week consistently. I want every week to be free of relapse.

My life has been one of evolution and persistence. I am not a person who stops trying, my whole life I have only been becoming more and more at one with Self. I am really getting to a point where I have gone beyond the scope and interest of many of my friends and people I associate with. I have shared with them everything I know. I am at a point in my life where I want to be able to love others for who they are, while practicing this healing through mucusless diet and yoga to my highest level. Yet, resentment against friends and my own past(present) toxic addictions, always seems to bring me into a state of negativity, leading to relapse.

Smoking has been my main avenue for “consuming mucus” that seems to really stick, and keep me from stopping the intake of mucus which is so important for me to remain and evolve in an illuminated state. I mean, it is ridiculous how smoking weed has effected my life, because outside of smoking weed all my other habits have been harmonious. I want to go through the withdrawals and detox from weed and other mucus buildup, I want to clean my blood, and I want to live in this state of freedom!

The periods of time of not smoking has definitely been increasing within the past 3 years, and I would like to stop it completely and deal healthily with the feelings of resentment to friends, co-workers, etc., that seem to arise as my main withdrawal symptom. Any thoughts you have are appreciated!


Overcoming Marijuana Addiction

Overcoming Marijuana Addiction, as well as Tobacco, through the Mucusless Diet

Written by Prof. Spira on April 13, 2013

Greetings Tony!

Certainly don’t feel too bad about the relapse. I think that I’m one of the few diet talking heads out here that truly empathize with, and talk about, relapses (See this article on overcoming addiction to pus/mucus-forming foods). They are very real and happen to everyone, whether they are talked about or not publicly. Many (especially raw food gurus) tend to show off the ‘fun and fancy free’ side of things without dealing with the grittiness of the transition, detoxification, and regeneration.

As an educator, it is an interesting problem. On one hand, you can’t be too explicit or people will be too scared to pursue a higher level diet. At the same time, people must be made aware that detoxification is REAL and relapsing on various stimulants is a part of it. Yet, understanding this cannot turn into a subconscious ploy to go get high. Ultimately, this is the battle. And your own body will challenge you in ways that you cannot yet imagine. At the same time, the rewards can, and will, exceed your expectations.

It is interesting that smoking is your sticking point. I’m working with someone who has been into the transition and has done amazingly well with becoming mucusless for periods of time, but is really struggling to get off of tobacco, marijuana, and coffee. She has made great progress, but needs much more therapy to overcome some of these issues. In the past, to help people break their addiction with meat, I’d put together a video series of slaughter-house torture videos. But the key was, I did not show them the videos until I knew they were ready, and at least wanted to never eat meat again. For me, watching those videos once I had the desire to stop eating meat but still craved it, caused a huge shift in my consciousness, and I never went back. The video that did it for me was “Meat Your Meat.”

Meet your Meat Video (Strong Content, Viewer Discretion Advised)

Meet Your Meat is a documentary about factory farming created by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), narrated by Alec Baldwin, and directed by Bruce Friedrich and Cem Akin. The documentary explores the treatment of animals in modern animal agriculture (also known as industrial agriculture or factory farming). 

New Mucus-free Program for Overcoming Smoking Addiction

I’ve put together a new program for smoking and my friend has been my first subject. I’ve worked with folks in the past who have been able to get off of smoking with my help, but I mostly just focused on fasting and transition. With my friend, over time I got her to the point where she is comfortable talking about quitting, something she initially resisted. First, she threw away the coffee and coffee maker that was in her house and now only drinks it about once a week. She also cut back on cigarettes and changed brands to Natural Spirits at my suggestion. Although it may not be that much “cleaner” than regular cigarettes, it’s a transitional gesture.

The next phase was a string of videos. Earlier I had shown her many slaughterhouse videos, vegan/animal rights educational materials, and of course picks/videos of mucoid plaque. I was patient enough to wait a while before doing this, which paid off. She was ready to see them and it affirmed her desire to not look back at animal products (she had one circumstantial relapse with some spinach dip that had dairy in it while at a family gathering. Since then she learned to always have her own foods with her for such things and hasn’t revisited any animal products).

Tobacco is proving to be more of a challenge for her to overcome than mucus. Although I think certain mucus cravings may increase as she gets away from smoking (as the stimulant becomes less), she is doing well. When I thought she was ready, we watched a string of anti-smoking education videos that I assembled.

Smoking Educational Video Playlist

The playlist will play automatically above, or you can view this series on Youtube by clicking HERE.

Although it focuses on tobacco, the principle of allowing smoke into the lungs is similar and applicable to marijuana. There are many reasons to not smoke, which countless anti-smoking advocates discuss, but I’m particularly concerted with it’s neuro-toxicity and damage to the lungs from unnatural smoke. We are air-gas engines, not smoke-gas engines.

Deep addiction can cause us to find all kinds of excuses for using a substance, to the point of believing it is the greatest miracle medicinal substance since cocaine (yeah, remember when that was the miracle cure). Why would I want to do something that hurts my lungs and often makes me cough as a violent response to inhaling a poisonous substance that DOES NOT BELONG IN MY LUNGS.  Notice how we cough when obstruction or poisons enter or are leaving our systems? When mucus is secreted and constipates my lungs, I cough. If I inhale poisonous fumes, I cough.

Immerse yourself in the videos and watch them when you feel the urge to smoke (even if you end up smoking). I do plan to make a separate playlist for marijuana eventually, but I think that this playlist is pretty effective. The videos helped a bit and she was able to smoke less, but still is having trouble kicking it.

Sedona Method Releasing Technique

The next phase was to show her a releasing technique I’d learned in high school called the Sedona Method (I call it Sedona Yoga). It’s a simple method, but I’ve found it very beneficial over the years. Essentially, you think about activities, people, places, or things that cause you anxiety and go through a succession of self-questioning that helps you release the tension. I’ve studied many of these kind of programs, as well as various forms of yoga, and have found that this is somewhat unique and benefited me even when I was doing other forms of regular meditation.

At any rate, the Sedona sessions have helped and she is on the path to recovery, but it is tough. If the Sedona method does not kick it over the goal line, I will try some hypnotherapy. I studied and have used it in the past and for me it fits right in with meditation, prayer, psychotherapy, Sedona and other releasing techniques, lucid dreaming, etc. There is a common thread of relaxation and emotional elimination/release that runs through all of these methods when done correctly.

Sedona Method Release Technique 1992 Sedona Institute

This is a very basic, and visually dated, introduction to the Sedona Method. The course that I bought was the following cassette course which was published in 2000: http://bit.ly/sedona-cassettes; for the CD version see The Sedona Method Course CDs.

Overall, I think you have the right attitude. For me, Sedona method and watching educational videos would help a lot if I started thinking about eating meat when I was getting off of it. I’d watch PETA’s famous “Meet your Meat” video and get a militant attitude about staying away from it.

If I think back, I did have to deal with my old smoking addiction. “Freaked Black and Milds” were my favorite thing to smoke. Before the diet I smoked up to a pack of cigarettes a day and at least two Black and Milds, (always after meals). But for as much as I smoked, it was so easy to quit once I started cleaning myself up. The combination of lemon enemas and fasting helped me kick the smoking addiction to the curb with relative ease. I’d had a couple relapses with the Milds, but it never lasted more than one cigar. As a supreme glutton, my greatest addiction was always the overeating of mucus-forming foods.

Challenges with Friends

Regarding your friends, I went through some of what you are talking about. In the beginning, I had to shut many folks out for a time as I got deeper into my body. I did not need any distractions and really wanted to overcome all obstacles. There was a couple months where I really embraced solitude and did not talk to anyone that was not on the same page as me. Once I felt cleaner I started hanging out with Brother Air a lot more, where I learned the next phases of my evolution. Before I knew it, I was around a new group of friends that mostly all practiced the Mucusless Diet Healing System, and were socially “conscious.” At school, I did kind of turn into the ‘angry black dude,’ as I did not take any mess from anyone and no longer catered to white racial etiquettes and norms (“racial etiquette” is a concept expounded upon by Critical Race Theory scholars to point out how many people of color consciously or unconsciously alter their behavior while in the presence of white people to adhere to implied social rules).

I was not mean or anything, but just became incredibly “real” with a rough edge in an environment where there were few people like that (the funniest thing was seeing how people reacted when Brother Air, who is the realist of the real, came there to hang with me). I had to be in this mode to protect myself until I got over some tough hurdles. People with bad vibes would just stay away, and only supportive people who respected me were attracted my way. Eventually, I cleansed and evolved into what feels more natural for me. I try to be a patient, understanding, caring, sensitive, and empathetic person, more so than I did back then.

Although it may be difficult, you might have to make tough decisions about dealing with friends and relationships that harming you. Some people will support you, but it can be a burden when they don’t. And during detox you can become emotionally fragile, especially to those who are over-stimulated on mucus and drugs. With that said, when you do feel up to it, it is important to get out and enjoy some good art/music, and people.

Overall, you are heading in the right direction. Just keep on going!

Peace, Love, and Breath!

Prof. Spira

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