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Greetings Brothers and Sisters,

Physical Fitness Thru a Superior Diet, Fasting, and Dietetics Also a Religious Concept of Physical, Spiritual, and Mental Dietetics include articles by Prof. Arnold Ehret, originator of the Mucusless Diet Healing System, which philosophically explore humanity’s potential to manifest paradise on Earth through mucus-free living, rational fasting, and physical fitness.

Fred S. Hirsch (1888–1979), former owner of Ehret Literature Publishing and close friend of Ehret, published a compilation of Ehret’s works entitled Physical Culture: Fasting & Dietetics, The Exact Diagnosis of Your Disease, The Magic Mirror in 1938. This release includes Ehret’s article “Physical Culture,” compiled with some of Ehret’s other writings. Historically, the term “physical culture” refers to a health and strength training movement that originated during the 19th century in Germany, England, and the United States. Following 1848, German immigrants introduced a physical fitness system based on gymnastics that became popular in colleges and public schools. Following the First Industrial Revolution, reformers showed concern for the health of sedentary white-collar workers, and sought to promote diet and exercise as a way to counteract the inactive lifestyles of many members of the burgeoning middle and upper classes.

Before the Industrial Revolution, the term “fitness” referred to the ability for one to complete a day’s work without undue fatigue. In the 1950s, however, the use of the term “fitness” increased exponentially in the Western vernacular and came to mean a state of health, well-being, stamina, and strength. In 1966, Fred Hirsch changed the title of “Physical Culture” to “Physical Fitness Thru a Superior Diet, Fasting, & Dietetics” and paired it with Ehret’s article “A Religious Concept of Physical, Spiritual, & Mental Dietetics.” The latter compilation remained available from Ehret Literature Publishing until the early 2000s. At the time of the release of our edition, there are no others in print and readily available.

Collected in this edition are the two articles compiled in the 1966 release, including “Physical Fitness thru a Superior Diet, Fasting, and Dietetics,” and “A Religious Concept of Physical, Spiritual, and Mental Dietetics.” In the former, Arnold Ehret contributes his conception of how humans can learn to live a natural life through a historical dialogue that fits within the Western philosophical tradition. In the latter, Ehret’s message is directed toward spiritual and religious readers as he shares ideas surrounding his theological philosophy of “Physiological Christianism.” In both articles, I fixed typographical errors from the original text and made minor changes to outdated gender-specific terminology or language considered insensitive and politically incorrect by today’s standards. As the editor, my aim is not to change Ehret’s work, but make this document as accessible as possible to contemporary readers.

Additional writings include the “Biographical Sketch of Prof. Arnold Ehret” by B.W. Child, and Ehret’s “The Enforcement of Elimination by Physical Adjustments, Exercises, Sunbaths, Internal Baths, and Bathing,” and “A Message to Ehretists.” The biographical sketch, which first appeared in the 1924 edition of Prof. Arnold Ehret’s Mucusless Diet Healing System, fits well amongst the thought-provoking articles in this compilation. It provides an illuminating testimonial by Ehret on his journey to heal himself of an “incurable” disease, and how he discovered the keys to regenerating the human body, mind, and spirit.

The final two writings are from the annotated, edited, and revised edition of the Mucusless Diet Healing System. “The Enforcement of Elimination by Physical Adjustments, Exercises, Internal Baths, and Bathing” is Lesson XXV from the Mucusless Diet. In this lesson, Ehret explores auxiliary therapies to his dietary methods, including exercise, sunbathing, internal baths (enemas), and external baths. Finally, “A Message to Ehretists” is Ehret’s conclusion to the Mucusless Diet Healing System where he clarifies fundamentals of his back-to-nature philosophy and encourages the reader to join his movement toward a disease-free paradise on Earth. Both of these writings pair well with the philosophical discussions about physical health and spiritual well-being found in the first two articles.

I strongly encourage you to read this book along with Arnold Ehret’s other works, including the Mucusless Diet Healing System, Rational Fasting, Definite Cure of Chronic Constipation, and Thus Speaketh the Stomach. Perhaps most important is Ehret’s Mucusless Diet Healings System, which provides an in-depth and comprehensive look at Ehret’s important philosophical contributions as well as practical instructions to apply his acclaimed Healing System.

Ehret’s message of hope for humanity is needed today more than ever. Humans are destroying themselves and the Earth on an unprecedented level. Ehret shares his solution for the problems of humanity through his message of superior natural healing. He believes that the source of all problems in the world is an improper and unnatural diet. Thus, the dysfunction of governments, police brutality, war, the mistreatment of the environment, racism, sexism, all forms of bigotry, the disregard for the lives of animals, etc., are all symptoms of a pus- and mucus-laden diet that renders humanity unempathetic and impotent.

How badly do we want to experience paradise? Are we content to live in ignorance and blame everything but diet? Is it easier to continue to believe the propaganda we have been fed? That we need to stuff ourselves with protein and fat? That we must eat certain nutritious foods, although we know that they cause illness? Ehret challenges us to shift our paradigm away from the mucus-based status quo and medical extremism of the 21st century and embrace our true nature as mucus-free beings.

Peace, Love, and Breath!

–Prof. Spira, May 2018

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