Bowel Function – Secret habit to Improve Function and Regularity

Excerpt from Overcoming Constipation Naturally by Fred Hirsch and Arnold Ehret.

The Definite Cure of Chronic Constipation

The Definite Cure of Chronic Constipation

Maintain a Normal Bowel Functioning

Prof. Arnold Ehret in his Mucusless Diet Healing System claimed CONSTIPATION to be the primary cause of 99.9% of all human ills, including the so-called “incurable diseases”—i.e.: Cancer, Tuberculosis, Diabetes, Arthritis, Tumors, and many others. In fact, practically every ailment to which the human body is prey! Dr. J. H. Kellogg of Battle Creek Sanitarium shares this opinion for he stated: “ALL CANCER PATIENTS ARE VICTIMS OF CHRONIC CONSTIPATION!”

We herewith submit a “suggestion” primarily intended for our male readers only, since women have followed this practice for thousands of years! The “suggestion” has proven to be exceptionally effective in aiding and correcting normal bowel functioning! Could it be that this is the answer to the age-old question, “why do women enjoy greater longevity than men, normally outliving their male companions of many years?”

It seems that both men and women find ready excuses for postponing “Nature’s call”, failing to recognize the seriousness of the occasion! Please—for your health’s sake, and beginning with RIGHT NOW!—promise yourself never to delay answering “Nature’s call” IMMEDIATELY! It can prove to be tremendously important to your future good health and well-being! To post-pone this important function is a direct cause of resulting constipation which eventually becomes “chronic.” Strange, isn’t it, that when hunger “calls” we readily find time to stop and eat!

The advice offered to our “male” readers is extremely simple and easy to follow! Instead of your continuing the present “time-saving” custom of “standing” upright while urinating we recommend “sitting” on the toilet bowl—in a squatting position and at the same time concentrating on having a bowel movement! This may mean a few minutes extra time—but it will surely prove time well spent in improving your health! Patience is required and possibly ten or more minutes may be necessary during the “habit-forming” period. It won’t be long though, in fact, one or two weeks should find you happily experiencing “normal” bowel movements! We are all “creatures of habit” and this “good-habit” is surely definitely worth cultivating! For nothing can be of greater importance to all of us than GOOD HEALTH! “When you have your health you have everything!”

These suggestions are equally important for women who consider themselves too busy to spare the extra few minutes required. Yet, they spend weeks or months recovering from a costly surgical operation. Decide RIGHT NOW to follow these simple suggestions—you won’t regret it! Start TODAY not TOMORROW, and make it a daily MUST, every day, for the remainder of your life! Remember, “Mother Nature” accepts NO EXCUSES! She desires ALL of her beloved “children” to be healthy. Are you aware that we normally should experience a bowel movement within not more than three hours after each meal! THIS COULD BE THE SECRET OF GOOD HEALTH!

Bowel Function – Secret habit to Improve Function and Regularity

“PSA: Spira says Sit Down When You use the Restroom. . . and don’t hold it”

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