Recently, my good friend Anne Osborne ( shared the following article with me. It references Ehret’s world record for going without food and includes a great interview. First, it must be stated that Ehret did not publicly fast for great lengths for the sake of becoming famous. Nor, did he recommend that others engage in long fasts as he did. In his famous book Rational Fasting, Ehret explains “change your ideas regarding the claim ‘the longer you fast the better the cure.’ You may now readily understand why. Humans are the sickest animals on earth. No other animal has violated the laws of eating as much as humans; no other animal eats as wrongly as them.” He ultimately recommends short-term intermittent fasting in concert with a mucusless (mucus-free) diet as the best method of fasting. It must be understood that Ehret could only perform long fasts because he had transitioned for years using his own Mucusless Diet Healing System.

As a man of true science, Ehret put himself under great scrutiny to show that the preconceived notions of metabolism and nutrition, developed and promulgated by the burgeoning medical establishment, were wrong. Not only do humans not need to eat dead animal flesh, milk from other animals, all types of fats, and grains, such foods are the foundation of human illness. These pus and mucus-forming foods are unnecessary and have become the greatest addiction that humans have ever known (See Mucus Addiction). According to Ehret, the best way to overcome these dangerous addictions is to transition toward a mucus-free diet and cleanse using intermittent fasting and periodic colon irrigation.  (Download the New Annotated Mucusless Diet HERE).

For decades Arnold Ehret held the world record for going without food. And to this day, search engine results for longest periods of fasting are quite problematic. I found an attempt by someone who went 50 days but was not monitored by the authorities, magician David Blaine’s 44-day public fast, and a 27 year old obese man who is in the Guinness Book of Records for a 382 day fast. However, I do not acknowledge the latter as a fast on par with Ehret, because the subject used nutritional supplementation. In any event, none of the people I could find credited for long fasts did so in concert with a Mucusless Diet. Of course, there are accounts of people who have fasted for longer, or who do not eat much at all, but to date there have been none of these people monitored by government officials as Ehret was. But, ultimately, the point is not ‘who can fast the longest,’ but how clean and healthy can we become applying the Mucusless Diet Healing System. With that said, in my opinion the mark of a true fasting master is how they choose to break their fast. But we will discuss that in more detail in forthcoming articles.

Ehret writes in Rational Fasting:

I dare say there may not be another person in history who has studied, investigated, tested and experimented on fasting as much as I did. There is no other expert at present, as far as I know, who conducted so many fasting cures on the most severe cases, as I did. I opened the first special sanitarium in the world for fasting, combined with the Mucusless Diet, and fasting is an essential part of my Mucusless Diet Healing System.  I have likewise made four public scientific tests of fastings of 21, 24, 32 and 49 days, respectively, as a scientific demonstration. The latter test is the world’s record of a fast conducted under a strict scientific supervision of government officials. . .

. . . Already many leading physicians have called fasting: wonder cures, cure of the uncured, cure of all cures, etc. Certain charlatans have brought this infallible, but at the same time, dangerous cure, to discredit. I have done in fasting the most significant thing in centuries: 49 days, world-record (see “Vegetarsche Warte,” 1909, book 19, 20, 22, 1920, book 1 and 2). Furthermore I am the only one who combines this cure with systematically and individually adapted fruit diet, which makes it astonishingly easier and absolutely harmless. We are, therefore, undoubtedly put in a position to heal illnesses which the school of medicine designates as incurable (Rational Fasting).

Note–For more about Fasting and the Mucusless Diet, it essential that you read the Mucusless Diet Healing System and Rational Fasting books. 

Without further ado, here is the article:


The Reading News – Times, Reading, PA., Friday Morning, October 22, 1920

World’s Record As a Faster | Professor Ehret Says MacSwiney can do Without Food 100 Days

World Record Top

World Record As Faster 2Los Angeles, Oct. 11–Prof. Arnold Ehret, who holds the world’s record for an official fast, says Terence MacSwiney, mayor of Cork, on a hunger strike in prison, can go without food 100 days, then not die, but got well and be stronger than ever.

“A person does not die of starvation itself in less then ninety or one hundred days,” says Ehret.

“The secret is this: men do not get weak from lack of food, but from elimination of poisons into their systems.

“If a fat man should try to fast, he would die. The load of poison his system would release on itself as soon as he stopped eating would kill him like a gun shot.

“When Mayor MacSwiney had fasted more than fifty days he proved he had been a clean liver and has a strong character. Otherwise he would have been dead before this.”

Ehret lives on two pounds of fruit daily with a little lettuce added. When he was 34 he had tuberculosis and Bright’s disease. A few years later he was head of a large sanitarium in Switzerland with from 500 to 600 patients. Today, he is 54, well and strong. He attributes his condition to fasting and diet.

Ehret tells of his official test.

“I was sealed in a glass cell by a notary public in the presence of two phyysicians. I stayed in that cell under observation forty-nine days and nights with nothing but water.

“But everybody must not believe he can do such a thing. The system must be prepared.

“The human race is dying of food poisoning and cases like that of MacSwiney set people thinking right.

“Women are dying of the labor of preparing food and men of the weariness of trying to digest ten times as much food as the system needs.

“I am the lightest eater in California–and I eat too much.”

Ehret after 40 day fast

Picture of Arnold Ehret after a 40 day Fast


World Record for Going Without Food | Arnold Ehret Biography Video