In light of the recent events surrounding the Coronavirus (COVID-19) phenomenon, we’ve created resources (and plan to develop more) to bring a bit of sanity and logical preparedness to this moment. Governments are imposing country-wide shutdowns, people are unable to work, send their children to school, etc. A period of world-wide fear is at hand. As we move forward, it is important for us to arm ourselves with knowledge from history, to protect ourselves from what corrupt governments might try to impose on us, and to remain steadfast in our efforts to cleanse our body of the waste that is the source of this hysteria. It must be understood that they (the governments) are not going to save us. We need to save ourselves. But how?

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Mucus-free Life Podcast #12 – Thoughts on the Coronavirus (COVID-19), History of Pandemics, Hysteria & Loss of Freedom


In this podcast, we explore the history of pandemics to provide context to the present moment. We must remain vigilant, as it is times of fear like this when people give their freedom away to dictators and tyrants. If they show up with a gun in one hand and a syringe in the other, what will you do? We all need to be prepared to answer this question.


[LIVE] Prof. Spira & Brother Air UNLEASHED: Coronavirus Hysteria


Brother Air and I went live on 3/13/2020 to address the Coronavirus hysteria. An important feature of this video is the supplemental video footage that goes along with the conversation. For us Mucusless Diet practitioners, nothing has changed. We maintain the same level of intensity and consciousness of purpose as we always have. In a time when people are suddenly concerned with their health and lives, to the point where they are willing to shut countries down, we remain consistent. People are now seeing the world as it is, and not how the false-positive narratives color it to be. Humans are not these advanced, genius beings so far beyond middle ages. We are sicker, and filthier than ever, and perhaps we are seeing this in a way that we have not since the Spanish Flu of 1918.

The following is a bit of commentary that wrote in our Mucusless Diet Facebook Support Group, that illustrates a few things from our live broadcast. The question was in regard to statements about who and who cannot be infected by viruses. Here was my reply:

More context from the video is needed to facilitate further discussion on the point you raise regarding what kind of people can be affected by viruses. You’ll recall that I did not co-sign on Brother Air’s statement regarding who is, and is not, capable of being affected by viruses, objectively signaling that we cannot make such a broad statement. I also showed some images from the Ebola outbreak in the supplemental video. I did not push back further, as I did not want to spend time going down that particular road that early in the discussion, as I had number of important issues that I wanted to address.

With that said, contextually, Brother Air was making a broad assessment based on his informal observations of who the media is revealing as being diagnosed with, and dying from, the virus. This is coupled with his exceedingly skeptical view of the nature, existence, and potential bio-chemical effect of viruses on humans, and their related diagnosis from medical authorities. Although he does not purport that viruses do not exist, he aggressively pushes back on the notion that their diagnoses are in any way accurate or useful, and that any virus is capable of being the primary cause of one person’s death. Thus, his belief that viruses are not the primary cause of any human’s sickness or death is a notion that overrides the idea that people in a particular region are not susceptible to viruses writ large.

Although Brother Air and I ultimately arrive at the same conclusion—that people are dying from having filthy, constipated bodies from years and generations of eating pus- and mucus-forming foods regardless of any viral interaction—we get to that conclusion a bit differently, and find it important to highlight differing points along the way. My view is that viruses may trigger elimination in anyone, regardless of race, region, or current diet. The cleaner a person is, the less likely anything (including viruses, cold air, etc.) will trigger any kind of elimination. Yet, for people who are living on a cleansing diet and understand Ehret’s principles, these elimination periods once triggered are natural, beneficial, and should not become a fatal proposition unless someone is too constipated with filth, or does things that suppress the elimination (e.g. continuing to eat pus and mucus, taking suppressive drugs, etc.). Yet, with differing strains influencing people in different ways (from Spanish Flu, to Ebola, to COVID-19), we are in a race against time to get ourselves clean enough to be 100% naturally immune to all of it. My message is that there is no time to lose, and that we must proceed with a calm and deliberate sense of urgency as we go down the path of cleanliness, and not wait for “scares” to inspire us to eat naturally, for at that point it may appropriately be too late.

Peace, Love, and Breath!

The human species is sick from living unnatural lives consisting of diets filled with pus- and mucus-forming foods. Massive amounts of pain, suffering, and death always has been, and always will be, the result until a massive change is made. Our only hope is to transition away from mucus-forming foods through the Mucusless Diet Healing System, to give ourselves a fighting chance against the most viscous viruses, and people, that the planet can produce. The cleaner you become, more IMMUNE you are to whatever comes in your midst!

Be well, and keep on transitioning! Peace, Love, and Breath! – Prof. Spira


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