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Lesson 15 Footnotes-Annotated Mucusless Diet Audiobook (.mp3 file)

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Lesson 15 – Transition Diet Pt.1 – Summary

In Lesson XV, Arnold Ehret shares the first part of his “Transition Diet” process, which is a fundamental part of his overall Healing System. He emphasizes that chronic illness cannot simply be corrected through a long fast or radical fruit diet, but that a gradual approach should be used. Ehret defines a “mucus-lean” diet as one that still includes certain mucus-forming foods that may be used during certain periods of the “Transition Diet.” He explains that the speed of elimination can be controlled and regulated through the quantity and quality of foods used. In general, mucus-forming foods slow down one’s elimination, while mucus-free foods promote more rapid elimination. Ehret suggests that the non-breakfast plan, or taking in no solid food early in the day, is highly beneficial and recommended. He also explains that mucusless diet practitioners should never drink during meals since mixtures of solid food and liquid are hard for the body to digest. Finally, in the remainder of the lesson, Ehret offers menu recommendations for the first two months. Ehret does not intend this plan to strictly be used verbatim by each practitioner. With his examples, Ehret seeks to reveal the gradual and systematic nature of the transition diet as a whole. Finally, Ehret reveals the formula for his herbal intestinal broom, better known today as “Innerclean.”


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