Fasting is Nature’s only Universal “Remedy” for Healing: “Lesson 18” Mucusless Diet #1

In this above video, I begin my 2017 discussion on Arnold Ehret’s methods for fasting. The text I read can be found in both the Mucusless Diet Healing System and Rational Fasting. Click HERE to get all of Ehret’s and Spira’s books:

Text Discussed from Lesson 18 on “Fasting” and “Rational Fasting” Part 1

It is significant for our time of degeneration that fasting, by which I mean living without solid and liquid food, is still a problem as a healing factor for the average man or woman, as well as for the orthodox medical doctor. Even naturopathy required a few decades in its development to take up Nature’s only universal and omnipotent “remedy” of healing. It is further significant that fasting is still considered as a “special” kind of cure, and due to some truly “marvelous” results here and there, it has quite recently become a world-wide fad. Some expert nature-cure advocators plan out general “prescriptions” of fasting, and how to break a fast regardless of your condition or the cause from which you are a sufferer.

On the other hand, fasting is so feared and misrepresented that the average person actually considers you a fool if you miss a few meals when sick, thinking you will starve to death, when in reality you are being cured. They fail to understand the difference between fasting and starvation. The medical doctor in general endorses and, in fact, teaches such foolish beliefs regarding Nature’s only foundational law of all healing and “curing.” (Arnold Ehret in the Mucusless Diet Healing System and Rational Fasting)

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