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The following is an excerpt from the book Spira Speaks: Dialogs and Essays on the Mucusless Diet Healing System by Prof. Spira. CLICK HERE to learn more. Note that Prof. Arnold Ehret recommended distilled water enema (see below). Adding lemon juice is an innovation championed by Mucusless Diet Healing System practitioners our of Cincinnati, OH, who started using them in the 1970s. If you are a strict Ehret traditionalist, then you can do distilled water enemas. But, in my opinion, adding lemons to the enema water is a worthy innovation that has become the standard enema procedure for most serious Mucusless Diet practitioners.

The All-Important Lemon Enema

Posted on December 23, 2005 by Professor Spira (initially published on the old Ehret Health Club forum administered by Alvin Last, the former owner of Ehret Publishing)

I cannot say enough about the lemon enema! Brother Air started doing lemon enemas in the 1980s and witnessed how much more effective they were than distilled water. He saw and felt significant changes immediately, and has done lemon enemas exclusively ever since. Today, he juices anywhere from 5 to 25 lemons in a citrus juicer and uses warm distilled water. I also started my lemon enema journey using about 5 lemons with a citrus juicer. A little way down the road, I obtained a Jack LaLanne juicer and started peeling the lemons and using that. This made the enemas much more potent. Then, I started juicing the whole lemon and filtering out some of the grit. One day, I decided to try it without straining the grit and found my new best friend, what I call the Lemon Rind Enema. Once I started doing enemas like this, the old citrus juicer-style enema was like doing water enemas. I attribute a great deal of my personal success with the system thus far to the Lemon Rind Enema.

For those of you who may be interested in dabbling with the lemon enema, I suggest a TRANSITION. I did not get to the point where I could hold the juice of 25 lemons in for 20 minutes all at once (and I do not suggest that you need to work toward this. I’m a researcher). Start with the juice of a couple lemons combined with warm water. You want enough lemons so that you can feel it breaking down the mucus on the walls of your intestines, but not so potent that you cannot hold it in for any length of time.

Question: What if I cannot hold my enemas very long? What should I do?

Holding in the lemons for a shorter amount of time is totally normal. Any discomfort that you feel is due to the lemon acid breaking down the pools of mucus lining your intestines. The longer you do them, the easier it will become to hold it in longer if you desire. I’ve found that the length of time you hold it in is not as important as the amount of times [frequency] that you do it. I would much rather see someone do two 3-minute enemas with heavy lemon than one 30-minute water enema. Think of your intestine as a pipe. When you cut a 30-year-old kitchen pipe that has never been cleaned and study it, you can see layers of caked-on debris. The closer you get to the metal inside of the pipe, the older and tougher the deposits are. To clean it, you can submerge it into a solvent and then scrub out the loosened debris. However, our intestines are not metal, but are composed of soft tissues. The Mucusless Diet and fasting gives your system a rest, allowing the intestinal walls to secrete these layers of mucus/debris that have accumulated during your lifetime. The citric acid from the lemons assail the adhesive properties of the slime, enabling it to either come out immediately or be flushed out later by another enema. When one layer is eliminated, a whole new layer is now waiting to be loosened and eliminated. Every time the mucus is exposed to the lemon acid, its adhesive properties are diminished, therefore making the amount of lemon enemas that you do more important than how long you hold them in (since holding them in for longer periods will come in time anyway). And the astringent properties of the lemon will pull on the lining of the intestines, allowing for cleansing beyond the outside of the intestinal wall. Now you may understand why long fasts or long fruit/raw diets are ineffective to a filthy body. Eating fruit loosens the mucus, the vegetables act as a broom sweeping the garbage to the colonic dust bin, and the enema helps empty the garbage. Fasting then becomes the result of a less-obstructed body: Vitality = Power – Obstruction . What a perfect system!

Question: Won’t I become addicted to enemas or overstimulate my colon?

From my own experience and from the testimony of others I know, the bowels work much better while doing regular enemas. I have no problem having natural bowel movements and often have them before doing my enema. Also, distilled water—or distilled water and lemon juice—is not harmful to the colon or system. I never advocate any other kind of enema, such as coffee or Fleet, because they are detrimental to your system. Coffee, or as Brother Air calls it, “bean soup,” is a stimulant and has no astringent cleansing properties. When initiating a cleansing diet or fast, I would say that colon irrigation is of the utmost importance. As you begin to systematically loosen the waste in your gastrointestinal tract, enemas will be exceedingly helpful in removing harmful toxic waste in a timely fashion. In fact, it is dangerous to have such waste circulating in your system. After the initial periods of cleansing, regular use of enemas may be viewed as general hygiene. As long as we are eating mucus-forming foods or have constitutional encumbrances in our system, performing regular colon irrigation will be useful and not harmful.

*Note: There are certain circumstances where enemas should not be used. Consider seeking the help of a qualified Mucusless Diet Healing System practitioner to find out what may work best for you. See the Disclaimer at the bottom of this page for more.

Question: Should I get a colonic instead? Doesn’t the colonic get the water higher up in the colon?

This form of colon irrigation can be very useful, especially during or following a fast. Yet, I view colonics as a specific kind of tool/therapy that need not replace or be equated to enemas. In my opinion, nothing beats consistent enemas performed regularly over a long time. Also, self-prepared enemas give you the opportunity to add lemon juice. But, if you have the means to get a professionally administered colonic, or experiment with a colema board at your home, I encourage you to do so. Yet, I would strongly encourage you to not substitute colonics for regular lemon enemas, but synthesize the two irrigation tools as needed.

Regarding the idea that an at-home enema bag cannot get the water higher than the colon, we’ve found that as you remove the pounds of obstructive fecal matter in the intestines, the enema water can actually go higher than in a colonic where someone comes in constipated.


Here is my step-by-step enema process:


1. Obtain an enema/douche bag/hot water bottle system (often found at medical supply stores or in feminine-hygiene departments in supermarkets and drug stores. Make sure to get the enema system and not only the hot water bottle).

2. Obtain lemons. I buy boxes of lemons from a local wholesaler. (Note: Do not use bottled, store bought lemon juice.)

3. Obtain distilled water.

4. Find out how much water/juice will be necessary by filling the bag and pouring the water back into a container for measurement. When filled, mine holds a little over 1.5 liters.

5. Prepare the enema bag by attaching one side of the tubing to the adapter cap, thread the clamp, and allow it to remain near the opposite end. Finally, insert the anal piece to the end opposite of the adapter cap.

6. Juice the lemons. I started off juicing three or four lemons with a citrus juicer and eventually moved to juicing eight to ten whole lemons with the rind. Once I started doing lemon rind enemas, I realized that I had found a truly wonderful key for healing the human organism. However, if you are concerned about pesticides, or if it is too potent, just cut off the skin or use a citrus juicer. (Note: lime juice can be used when lemons are too expensive or hard to find.)

7. Combine the necessary amount of distilled water with the lemon juice. (Note: if you find lemon enemas to be too aggressive, then just do distilled water enemas with half of a squeezed lemon or without lemon juice. Even the juice from half of a lemon can be beneficial.)

8. Heat the combination on the stove. The water should not be scalding, but good and warm. The warmer the better!

9. Put the warmed water/juice in the enema bag.

10. Find a cozy place near the toilet to lie down. I use an old Boy Scout ground cloth, thick towel, and pillow on the ground in the hall outside of my small bathroom. If the bathroom is big enough, you can lie in there. (In the college dormitories, I did them in a public restroom that could lock from the inside—there are many fun stories that I can tell you about that later!)

11. Use your choice of lubricant on the tip of the anal piece and your hind parts.

12. Allow a small amount of the water to shoot into the sink from your enema bag and then use the clamp to stop the water flow. (Brother Air does not use a clamp but just tilts the tube upward and uses gravity until he is ready.)

13. Lie down on your back and gently massage your stomach and intestines. Take some deep breaths and relax. This is meant to be a relaxing, stress-free therapy. This is an opportunity to release your body from the buildup of unnecessary internal waste. (Optionally, light incense or candles, listen to music, have reading materials near—wonderful to do with Ehret’s books.)

14. What side to lie on? There is some debate about what side is best to lie on while injecting the liquid during an enema. Some literature says that lying on your right side allows gravity to help the water effectively enter the intestines; others say that the left is best. When I started, I laid on my right side, but now I lie on my left. I’ve tried both sides—each works and seems to have their own advantages. I’m currently doing my enemas on my left side.

15. After you lie down on your side, relax and gently insert the anal piece.

16. There are several ways to allow the water to flow from the bag. I usually hold the bag in my hand and gently squeeze it. I might also raise the bag up with my hand and let gravity cause the water to flow. Another method is to use a metal rod with a spiral curve at the end to raise the bag higher in the air. Also, some people use a pear-shaped enema bag hook (or shower curtain hook) that can be attached to a shower rod, door handle, or IV stand. The speed and flow of the water can be controlled by how high you choose to elevate the bag, how hard you squeeze, or by applying and releasing pressure using the clip or your fingers on the tube.

17. Once the water is inside your intestines, hold it in as long as you can. After a while, perhaps a minute or two, you may shift to lying on your back. Later, you may eventually shift to the side opposite the one that you were on to insert the water. You can also tilt your body upward to allow gravity to bring the water down as far as possible. Brother Air uses a yogic position where he stands on his head, sometimes for extended periods of time. I never learned to stand on my head, but I usually am able to tilt my body up so that it is on an incline. While in the dorms, I would prop my feet against the wall and allow the middle part of my body to be close to a 90-degree angle with the floor.

18. After a certain time, you will feel the need to evacuate the water. Sit on the toilet and let the waste drain from you. You may periodically gently massage your intestines as you sit. Sometimes I will eliminate a portion and then return to my ground cloth to lie down for several more minutes. How long it will take before you feel the need to eliminate depends upon how much waste you have in your intestines and how experienced you are with performing enemas. I usually hold it in from 5 to 15 minutes; while Brother Air might hold his for 30 to 45 minutes or even longer. (Do not be deterred by Brother Air, as he may be viewed as the Michael Jordan of this healing modality.) Since I tend to make my lemon water more potent through juicing the rind and all, I usually eliminate a bit quicker. With that said, sometimes you will feel the need to eliminate immediately, or even after only putting in half of the water from your bag. Either way, it is all beneficial. (Note: in the beginning, you may actually put the water in and not see much come back out. If this happens, the water is absorbing into the years of caked on filth in your intestines. After a series of days or weeks with consistent lemon enemas, eventually you may be surprised by a huge elimination where large amounts of loosened waste are evacuated at once.)

19. Take some deep breaths and smile, as you have taken one more step toward physiological liberation!

20. Peace, Love, and Breath!


Squeeze me out
Heat me up
Then shoot me up and let me go to work.
If you could only see what I see,
YEARS of caked-on

It’s my job to help clean it up.
I’ll help loosen this mess
as much as I can.
Uh-oh, that’s enough, time to shoot back out!

That wasn’t so bad,
And I may have just saved your life,
For I am the all-important lemon enema.

-Prof. Spira


Muciod Plaque from one of Spira’s Lemon Juice Enemas


Images of Mucoid Plaque from Bernard Jensen’s book Tissue Cleansing Through Bowel Management(We do not advocate the dietary recommendations made in Jensen’s book. But, the images are wonderful).

Spira Reviews Colonoscopy Videos: Mucusless Diet is the REAL Colon Cleanse Diet

Check out this relevant video examining the kind of nasty waste that you can get out through systematically combining the Mucusless Diet with lemon juice enemas.

Prof. Arnold Ehret on Enemas

Quotes from Rational Fasting for Physical, Mental, & Spiritual Rejuvenation:

“In spite of the above, every cure, and especially every cure of diet, should start with a 2- or 3-day fast. Every patient can do this without any harm, regardless of how seriously sick he may be. First a laxative and then an enema daily makes it easier as well as harmless.”

“First—Prepare for an easier fast by a gradually changing diet toward a mucusless diet, and natural herbal laxatives and enemas.”

“Rules During the Fast: 1. Clean the lower intestines as well as you can with enemas at least every other day.”

“During a fast, and even during the “transition period,” the bowel evacuation contains sticky, stringy mucus difficult for normal elimination, and it is here that enemas prove helpful.”

“If it is not desired to take a more prolonged fast, although he is healthy, one should try a short one. Even a fasting of 36 hours weekly, one or two times, can be depended upon to produce very favorable results. It is best to start by leaving off the supper and taking an enema instead.”

“If no good stool is experienced after 2 or 3 hours, help with laxatives and enemas. Whenever I fasted, I always experienced a good bowel movement at least 1 hour after eating and at once felt fine. After breaking a long fast, I spent more time on the toilet than in bed the following night—and that was as it should be.”

“If any extraordinary sensation occurs due to the drugs that are now in circulation, take an enema at once, lie down, and if necessary break the fast but not with fruits.”

“Air baths taken in the room, enemas, laxatives, and cool lemonade would save the lives of thousands of young men and women who are now daily permitted to die, the innocent victims of pneumonia or other acute diseases, due to the stubborn ignorance of doctors and so-called highly civilized people.”

Find even more information about Lemon Juice Enemas in the following sections of Spira Speaks: “Ehret’s Intestinal Broom vs. Enemas” (p. 61), “Enemas and Social Dissonances” (p. 62), “Never Too Early to Begin Enemas” (p. 85), “Where to Get Enema Supplies” (p. 86), “Doing Enemas in a House Filled with People” (p. 86), “Doing Daily Enemas and Questions about the 80/10/10 Diet” (p. 176)


Excerpt from Lesson XXV of the Annotated, Revised, and Edited Mucusless Diet Healing System

Get the Annotated Mucusless Diet Here

Internal Baths

During the transition period, even though you have regular bowel movements, it is advisable to wash out the lower colon. The sticky waste, slimy mucus, and various poisons which Nature is attempting to eject should be helped along as much as possible. A small-bulb infant syringe can be used after the regular bowel movement, but for a thorough cleansing, two to three quarts of water should be used.[109]

Try to have a natural bowel movement before injecting the water. The body should be in a reclining position, lying on the right side.[110] The syringe must not be higher than three or four feet above the patient. Water should be warm, not hot, and it should be tested on your elbow. Should any discomfort be felt, stop the flow until the discomfort passes as the entire two or three quarts should be retained at one time. If the cramp or pain becomes too great, allow the water to pass from the colon and repeat the operation.

The water should remain in the intestines for about 15 or 20 minutes, or as long as it is comfortable. While still lying on your side, gently massage the colon in an upward motion. Then lie on the back with the knees drawn up and massage from right side of body to left; now turn over, lying on the left side, and massage the left side with a downward motion. You should now be ready for ejecting the water. The best time to take an enema is just before retiring.


Footnotes by Prof. Spira

[109] Two or three quarts of water is the amount that fits in most standard enema bags. Many modern-day mucusless diet practitioners use lemon juice and distilled water enemas regularly. For more details about doing enemas, see the section on lemon juice enemas in Spira Speaks: Dialogs and Essays on the Mucusless Diet Healing System.

[110] There are different schools of thought about what is best to lie on. For a more detailed discussion about this see the lemon enema section in Spira Speaks: Dialogs and Essays on the Mucusless Diet Healing System.



Disclaimer: The content found in this video and associated websites are based upon the opinions and research of Prof. Spira and his guests, and is strictly for informational and educational purposes only. The content is not intended to replace a one-on-one relationship with a licensed healthcare professional or licensed dietitian, and is not intended as medical advice. Prof. Spira is not a medical practitioner or licensed dietitian and does not hold academic degrees in fields related to medicine, nutrition, or healthcare. You are encouraged to consult with the appropriate professionals before beginning any exercise, weight loss, or dietary program. This video and accompanying text is a sharing of personal experiences, opinions, and information about practicing a mucusless or mucus-free diet based on the works of Prof. Arnold Ehret and modern-day practitioners inspired by his works.